Anarky’s Poetry

Good friends can be can be hard to find, you never know where you will meet one, it can take some time.

When you meet them it can be happenstance, but, if you never try you might miss the chance.

This is a peom about a girl named Anna Louise, a strong, bright, cute one of these.

What can I say about this philippine beauty? She is opinionated and strong, but still quite the cutie.

I could say she’s a real go-getter! She can grab you a coffee and type while you dictate a letter!

But, I wish Not to diminsh her worth with male chauvinist platitudes, I do intend to however laud her attitude.

She will let you know if you are being a jerk, but will still remain calm, how does that work?

If ever there was a person worth knowing, I will tell you now with a smile that is showing.

She’s not a “Firecracker” or a “Pistol”, but, she IS “The Bomb”!……and a girl….nay! a Woman you would take home to Mom!

In conclusion, yes I know I have gone on too long. If you don’t love Anna Louise? then something is wrong!

posting a poem by my good friend Jay which he did after threatening I won’t click his requests and posts in Mafia..peace JKN 🙂