I Wanna Have A Magic 8 Ball!! Gimme, Gimme Please

Okay, so I am in weird mode to own the Magic 8 Ball. Was looking since two years ago but couldn’t find one till now.

Maybe am just too bored and too disappointed over some petty things I have no control of  or maybe I had control but didn’t do enough to have the result what I wanted. Or things weren’t meant to be  or they weren’t right at the moment. Or they will never be right in the first place. Whatever.

So here I am just playing on fate and trusting on a piece of toy to fortell my future coz it’s the least I could do for the moment. But stubborn as I am, I still insist on what I want when the answer says “no” or “outlook is not good” or “sources say no”.

I go shake it again and ask the question over and over again till I get the answer that I want.  Like, what’s the point of asking, eh???

Anyways, I just wanted to chill on this silent slumber of my wordpress page where no one virtually knows it ever existed.

Hmmm, lots of things are happening to me and fast, hope I can catch up and breath.

I am so looking forward to brighter days, and cheery moments with my music, with a bit of cold from the rain.

I hope to see one day, time would bring my feet to where they would glide and slide without stress and hear whistles from the birds.

Oh sheesh I need to stop. I sound like a frustrated poet.

I just wish that I wont have to drop by here coz I’m sad.  Cheers to more good times!!