Ipanema’s Urban Fashion Jungle Event Wows Davao Fashionistas

Ipanema‘s mystical creatures and Davao’s fashion animals converged in a night of glamour and majestic mystery unfolded at the Urban Jungle Fashion Show in Abreeza Mall, Davao City last Friday, October 12.

The jungle-inspired stage (mind you, the sounds and the beat of the drums made me feel like I was in forests of Rio de Janeiro, too!)

The seamless dances and moves were remarkable

fierce fashion animal

Ipanema’s latest flipflops collection were artistically presented in a jungle-inspired fashion show, showcasing bold prints and vibrant colors set to  capture the wild side of both men and women. My eyes feasted on an hour’s worth of graceful movements to showcase the new flipflops in their splendid glory. I bet Ipanema fans present during the event were already contemplating of adding a pair or two to their collection.

artistic display of thumping and jumping in the demi-jungle stage

some designs of the Ipanema Jungle collection

The show was presented by Ipanema Philippines, in coordination by Bambu Ventures, Inc ( dealer of  our favorite Brazilian footwears: Ipanema, Grendha and Rider )led by owner/President Mr. Patxi Elizalde.

This blogger’s pose alongside the fierce ‘Ipanema ‘creatures’

It was such an experience to be part of the digital media to cover the event. Cheers to more exciting events and shows in the future. =)

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  1. would love to have that zebra both the white and black. 🙂

    Cher of http://www.sweetmemoirs.com/

  2. Whoaa!! If i was there i could have bought that Flipflops and Bag too..

  3. Remarkable moves showcasing the flip flops beautifully indeed.
    I need one for an upcoming beach trip! I’ll stay off the jungle prints though, not the right
    one for me ^^

  4. Nova says:

    Isn’t that amazing to have this kind of theme for a slipper? another famous brand to look up too…

  5. The flipflops and the bag are fine, but I would have settled for the dancers. LOL

  6. Aggie says:

    I like the Zebra slippers. What a great launch event!

  7. Nice concept and event. I’d love to have the new models of the ipanema flip flops.

  8. Gee says:

    Ostrich design is nice. I hope to have one.

  9. Dhemz says:

    I so love their design…I want to ask my mom if she can buy one for me…nice!

  10. Sure the Davao Bloggers had a terrific time that night. That’s one of the lovely perks of being a blogger and that’s to cover big events such as this, Way to go!

  11. Wow! i’m feeling envious here. i love ipanema and grendha BETTER than havs. my daughter and i have few pieces which we bought whenever there’s sale going on:) they have more fun designs than havs.


  12. Ron says:

    we haven’t had this kind of event here in cebu, i hope they’d do the same… i’m sure lots of people will enjoy. more customers for ipanema as well 🙂

  13. MC says:

    This event was surely a blast. I’m pretty sure that the Davao bloggers had so much fun! Ipanema rocks!!!