Krispy Kreme Brings Treats On Its Davao Stores’ Opening

Finally the long wait is over! Krispy Kremes will be opening three (3) branches here in Davao City this year. Two of which, their stores at The Abreeza Mall and at SM City Ecoland will start serving the excited Davaoenos on the 20th of October.

The much awaited branch openings in Davao City

And as a welcome gift to its first patrons,Krispy Kremes will be giving away hundreds of free Original Glazed donuts and Signature coffee. The first lucky customer will be bringing home a special card entitling him a One (1) year supply of Original Glazed donuts and Signature coffee. The second lucky patron will get a 6-month supply of the above items, while the 3rd customer will be entitled to a three-month supply.

Rovie and me with SM Lanang Marketing Incharge/Former Bb. Pilipinas Intl Nadia Shami

You think that is enough? Think again, because if you might be a few minutes ( or even seconds!) late getting in the store after the first three customers, this is no time to fret! The fourth towards the 100th customer will be receiving one-month supply of Original Glazed donuts and Signature coffee.

The 3rd Davao Krispy Kremes store is scheduled to open at SM Lanang Premier come November this year. Check out their Facebook page here for more details.

Ms. Steph of the Marketing Dept. sharing the great news to Davao Bloggers

Marketing Head Mark Gamboa with the Davao Bloggers

To the Marketing department headed by Mark Gamboa and Ms Steph, thank you for sharing the wonderful surprise to us bloggers. Thanks also for the boxfull of donut goodies you gave!! =)

my boxfull of free donuts!

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  1. Jay says:

    Haaaaaaaay! Salamat! Makakaon na jud kog Krispy Kreme na init init pa!!! Thanks sa post! and I noticed your footer widgets, what happened?

  2. i super love KK. i wished KK would be brought here in our province sooner.

  3. imallhot says:

    This is the perks of being a blogger. I can tell you and your fellow bloggers are really having a nice time..I’ve been to Krispy Kreme a lot of times and I fell in love with it.

  4. jennyL says:

    I love Krispy Kreme! wow KK goes to Davao ah yey!

  5. Makalipat na nga sa Davao. Parang naroon lahat ng magagandang activities for bloggers.

  6. cheerful says:

    i love krispy kreme and it makes me happy that they have it here in bangkok. anyway, you are so lucky to be there, yummy. nice to get that box full of free donuts. 🙂 share some? hehehe!

  7. Yey for the free donuts! Hooray for the one who’ll be getting the one year supply of Krispy Kreme~

  8. betchai says:

    i love krispy kreme, actually, i love donuts 🙂 and so nice they always have preview for bloggers, which just show marketers acknowledges the power of blogging.

  9. Lainybelle says:

    Cool! It’s long overdue for KK to go down south. They should have done so years ago before J.Co’s invasion 🙂

  10. Gee says:

    The Red Light is on….yay! I love that donut…

  11. Dhemz says:

    how cool! what a great opportunity…I love KK!

  12. Cher says:

    i hope my comment went in, i couldn’t see it on my end.

  13. Cher says:

    ok, as i was saying… i am craving for donuts now. hope to find a Krispy Kreme outlet somewhere. 🙂

  14. I love that donuts. Great one, you have an opportunity to attend it.

  15. Nova says:

    I have heard so many things about this donut, i haven’t tried eating them here yet, but i’m trigger though, glad they branch out in Davao, which closer to where I live before.

  16. lisloLisa says:

    I bet the donut eaters are happy to try these but not me. I’m trying to control my blood sugar so no sweets for me.

  17. wow.. one of those donuts i prefer hahahaha.. yum yum.. pero diet ako. hihihi..