Rotavirus Vaccine for Children’s Diarrhea: The Great Equalizer

Rotavirus  is the known to be the primary cause of diarrhea globally and rotavirus diarrhea is the third leading disease to cause death in children worldwide. It is inevitable even in first world countries, which makes it all the more alarming most especially to countries having less resources to fight the dreaded disease.

World Health Organization (WHO)’s aim to reduce infant mortality rate in 2015

Luckily for the Filipino people whose administration’s aim is to significantly reduce infant mortality rate through rotavirus vaccination. In fact, the Philippines is the first Southeast Asian country to provide it for free through its national immunization programs. It is given in two (2) doses for infants, 0-6 months old.

Dr. Juliet Sio Aguilar with other ROTAPhil advocates and DOH XI Medical Officer, Dr. Lopez

To start educating the grass roots level, the Department of Health in Region XI (Philippines), specifically in Davao City  in coordination with ROTAPhil and some healthcare providers, sponsored a media briefing in Cafe Laguna @ the Abreeza Mall of Davao City last October.  The main speaker was Dr. Juliet Sio-Aguilar, a globally known Pediatric Gastroenterologist. The  event was attended by health workers, the print and online media practitioners, parents and pediatricians.

Let’s fight rotavirus!!!!

Since diarrhea is the 2nd killer disease among children under 5 years old in the Philippines, it is very important to disseminate health tips and information to parents, health workers, educators and other family members.  And while rotavirus is highly preventable through vaccination, health experts also stressed the basic importance of cleanliness and practice of proper hygiene at all times.


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  1. oh oh! i paid about 2, 500 of it each for my little destine, while it is free.. ha ha

  2. lencilicious says:

    That’s nice to hear. Our government is really making ways to keep Filipinos healthy. Great job.
    Chicken Empanada

  3. Glad that the Philippine Health System is really trying their best to offer programs that are beneficial to the mamamayans especially to the children.

  4. Algene says:

    Hi ate! I didn’t blog about this pa pala. Hehehe I learned many things from the seminar..

  5. Ria C says:

    It’s good to know that our country’s effort to provide good healthy and wellbeing to our kababayans is in place. It is a great deal to lessen infant mortality because our health sector has the means to curb one of the reasons for the death via inoculation.

  6. papaleng says:

    A good news for us Pinoys. Marami ang matutulungan ng vaccine na yan.

  7. gracia says:

    hygiene I believe is the best way to avoid sickness and proper vaccines as well, I am very particular about that, I make sure both of my kids have complete shots, it would save you money and time , not to mention all the emotional stress in the future when your children gets sick

  8. Rcel says:

    During my child’s 2-month-old checkup, we were given the option to get this shot to our baby or not. After being presented with the pros and cons, I decided not to get it. I didn’t get it for my firstborn so I am confident that my second child will do just fine without it.

    It’s good to know that the current administration is doing a great job in his projects. I am proud to say I voted for him. 🙂

  9. Nova S says:

    it is good that they finally have this vaccination, for me, i am against everybody’s decision, however, letting your immune system fights the bacteria inside the body makes it the best shield for the future viruses/bacteria instead of just putting this viruses/bacteria inside a child’s immune system

  10. Lainy says:

    Good job DOH Region XI! It’ s really nice that the communities especially from the grassroots level are now having high awareness about this because of the information drive provided by the department.

  11. Rotavirus is a bit expensive when you go to a private doctor this is good that the government is offering this for free, it will be a great help for those who could not affordable that vaccination in a private doctor.

  12. Good to hear, they’re doing something to educate people specially to the new parents need to know this kind of information.

  13. Dhemz says:

    how cool! this is really a great opportunity.

  14. kulasa says:

    Cleanliness and hygiene are indeed vital to preventing disease. It is a blessing to have such vaccines to help keep us healthy. Thank you for sharing this great info and I wish you the best of health always 🙂

  15. cheerful says:

    wow, for free…that’s nice to know. 9 years ago my boy got it and its expensive (for me). my girl got it for a fee too. I think parents who havn’t had their kids had it should grab this chance.

  16. Dust G. says:

    It’s good to know that these events happen. Insightful. 🙂

  17. Rovie says:

    It was a very informative event. Maayo pa ka naka post nako. Ako ani i schedule pa nako oi…

    Thanks for joining FBF activities Ms. Anna 🙂

    • louiseinthehouse says:

      Hehehe, ako pud gahinay hinay ug buhat sa backlog nga event posts.. You’re welcome Rovs. I’m loving FBF =)

  18. jennyL says:

    It’s good to hear about the DOH campaign but I sure hope that more people will learn proper hygiene and also clean environment.. tsk tsk too bad daming dugyot lalo sa squatters so marami pa rin na nagkakasakit 🙁

  19. A very good information.
    Will let others know about this! 🙂

  20. emzkie says:

    that is good to know that the Heath Department in Phil is doing their job in giving information on such illness. i never heard of this kind of diarrhea before. i guess its not that popular here in US.