Never too late for something new

Ok, so this is a blog i just created in haste today. had a blog a few years back in relic social networking site we call Friendster( let’s face it~~ we all started from there till Facebook took the best of us around 2009~~ish). Posted a few blogs there and never bothered to create a new one maybe coz of  work, mafia, work, farmtown, work, etc. How reasonable, eh. I don’t know what got into me. prolly coz a lot of people I know who are into writing are having the time of their lives posting what-nots  on the pages they call their very own. Plus, FB and Twitter I think, have come overly saturated, that you think it diminishes the essence of a blog you want to come up. Not sure if I made a sense there. LOL. I also realize a bit too late, that there must be […]

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