The Ficklest and the Fickle

Things happen so fast in this day and age that we try every bit and end to catch up. To the ambitious, it is a no-no to be left behind and it is mortal sin to let fresh opportunities pass under your nose. Mediocrity is boring and tends to be associated with the weak.

I’d like to believe  I am one of those ambitious few. New things fascinate me. Interesting connections  and new places to go spice up my fancy. But there is a downside in all of these.  I easily get overwhelmed with the hype of it all and the excitement is not sufficient to last. Simply put, most times I need that push to stay up there or I’ll surely fall back down.

I know it’s all about focus but sometimes my rather smart thinking tells me that acceptance won’t hurt. There are times that no matter how much you pull your hair out just to reach that something, you still get nothing.

I am not perfect and neither am I too intelligent but it doesn’t take much to simply let go of things that can never be. Maybe it is not yet meant to be now at the present, maybe it never is in the first place.

And so here I am, just savoring each day as it comes, still hopeful for some dreams to present themselves as reality. But duh, I’m not as uptight and fussy like before.

On the brighter side, I would  love pleasant surprises. That would definitely feel much better..