The Making of A Ninja Dragon

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Have you ever wished to be someone you are not?

Have you ever found yourself  dreaming to be the character that is far beyond what you ever imagined to be?

You watch way too many movies, you might quickly say.

For starters, I wished to be as effortlessly beautiful as my cousin’s Barbie Doll when I was 10. ( My cousin’s because I never owned one, geez,  ’twas so expensive back then!)  Barbie was the so-called eptiome of a perfect woman  with her long and semi-curly blond locks, shapely legs, evenly toned skin, pretty chiseled nose and curvaceously slim body that would allow her to wear fancy and fashionable wardrobe.

Well, today, this infamous doll could still probably be something that every little girl wishes to look like when she grows up, but at least , more and more individuals have opened their eyes and become wise enough  to know that not all are blessed with such great bod~~ some plump, some too thin, short, tall, dark-skinned… etc .

And what about our favorite superheroes? Come on, don’t be shy, admit it that once in you life, you have secretly wished you had some power to teleport and travel through space and time. I want to have that power too, and been wondering like forever if that be ever possible.

We have seen some kids in school who were bullied and abused so bad by their ‘monster’  classmates, ‘evil’ neighborhood kids ; and cruel and mean step/and or biological parents . I bet these kids swore hard, wishing they were gifted with the power to transform into raging  and beastly characters such as the ones in those games today called Warcraft and the like.

Not a few kids, too, may have thought about having the ability to be fiery dragons,  spewing fire  to anyone who tries to make fun or hurt them.

It is just funny how we come so vivid, creating wild imagination in our heads like a giant LCD TV. But we get past that, we mature, we grow up and see things as they are and deal with them as realistically as possible.  And sadly though, some people never moved on and just remained stuck in their playland indefinetely.

I never did grow up to be like Barbie but I feel good about myself and the people around me.

And to the well-meaning ninja dragons out there, keep kicking asses and kill the bullies!

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  1. Johnathan Kasbael Nogaard says:

    Louise…. I have a small problem with a quote of yours.

    “It is just funny how we come so vivid, creating wild imagination in our heads like a giant LCD TV. But we get past that, we mature, we grow up and see things as they are and deal with them as realistically as possible. And sadly though, some people never moved on and just remained stuck in their playland indefinetely.”

    You seem to have used me as an example, using a phrase that I used (Dragon Ninja) and my old profile picture and not really getting ME correct at all. And yes as far as you know, I am one of those poor abused souls still raging against a bully and still pretending that I am one of those magical creatures that can kick anyones ass who have been beleaguered and set upon in such a fashion that it is difficult to face real challenges and be a real member of society. But you are very incorrect in your comment that “I remain stuck”. If anything you are “stuck” in your belief that YOUR way is the correct way. I will explain. You say that you deal with things as “realistically as possible”, Well, I call that a limited response to sometimes unrealistic pressures. You have a closed mind, and that will hinder your growth in the future. I do not subscribe to labels, and I will not be boxed in.

    I will quote Jesus now, “I tell you the truth. You must change and become like little children {in your hearts}. If you don’t do this, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. The greatest (most important) person in the kingdom of heaven is the person that makes himself humble like this child.” So maybe I do believe in magic sometimes and maybe my way of dealing with the crap in this world seems to you to be naive and cartoonish. But I do not, and will not apologize for this. I am honest and sometimes brutally so. Do not feel SAD for me, I am not stuck here in my “Playland”, I have made choices in my life and have done so with a sound mind and with all faculties in tact. Now before you judge others for being so much unlike you, you might try and consider that which works for others might also work for you. Or not! You can continue judging others…..they will judge you back.

  2. @Johnathan Kasbael Nogaard –Whew…first of all I’d like to thank you for reading my blog to bits, yes I do apologize for not asking you ahead of time that I’ll use ur old profile pic as one of this blog’s photos.. Hmmm, let me comment first that your comment is even longer than the blog in question.LOL ( you’re a great writer!)

    And since this is a personal blog and being the person that I am, I have never meant to insult much less judge a person regardless of our uncanny differences. I am sorry if I offended you. This is written in general point of view, not talking about just one person, but in a hodge podge kind of way.

    Comments like yours are well-appreciated, makes me a better writer.

    • Riza says:

      It’s my first time to see a comment longer than the blog post LOL! My former Prof used to inspire us by quoting a dragon as well.

  3. The_Godfather_of_The Nerd of the Rings says:

    Well, first of all I’m not saying I agree to whatever John or Anna said (sarcastically speaking) as both friends in facebook/Mafia Wars, I’m saying both of you have a point,we need to be mature, away from fantasies and stop acting like were still kids..still dreaming having “super powers” and act like a real grown up! But sometimes we need that thing, our Childhood or childish behavior. Our “Fantasies” if we got rid of it,put it inside a dark black box then throw it away like some kind of trash, Life is meaningless…Yeah you’re matured all grown up…but dull always serious about things can’t even take a joke “Parang walang kwenta ang buhay Mature kung tatanggalin mo ang pagiging batang isip mo! Ang sad diba?”
    If you’re ready to be a mature person, make sure you have your childhood with you,without it your DULL..”para kang robot” no memories about the past,just the present and future…if someone told you “Forget about the Past” say STFU…without the Past, you shouldn’t be here right now.
    Parang si Jay, hindi ako makaalis sa aking “Sanctuary” kasi meron sa aming childhood na hindi namin nagawa nung bata pa kami…si Jay hindi sya nagkaroon ng classmate or mga prom-date nung bata siya,ako hindi ako nagkaroon ng maraming kaibigan, hindi ako nakapag laro sa mga ibang bata sa labas nang bahay, yun ang mga kulang sa childhood namin…kaya ngaun lang kami nagkakataon gawin ang mga gusto namin.
    But sometimes we take actions like a real adult or a real mature person, we put aside our childish behaviors and if we got to do it, we got to do it!
    So being an immature person doesn’t mean we don’t know how things work,because that’s what we are. Don’t take it personally, I admit it, I felt a bit offended..but just like you said “This is written in general point of view” so don’t feel neglected or guilty or wronged, just think every time we do something stupid or idiot just like them in the movie “JACK-ASS 3D” (in theaters near you) we’re just expressing our childhood to the maxed level, kasi ganun kami…that’s what we have same thing in common Jay and I we share things,share things we didn’t experienced before,share things we both like,Foods, TV shows, Movies,Novels and other childish and matured nerdy stuff we both loved to do. (Hindi ko alam kung gaano na kahaba tong reply na to,bahala na) so that’s it. We just expressing our childhood (inggit nga ako kay Jay eh,may trabaho sya, ako wala pa,tska nakakapag luto sya nang walang may nakapanood na nag babantay sa tabi nya!) Ang Message ko kay Jay or kay “Johnathan Kasbael Nogaard” Peace Bro don’t take it personally too, Imagine that were just in the show “The Jerry Springer show” or “Face to Face” LOL and if you’re reading the other tagalog words…go buy a English-Tagalog dictionary, just like I told Anna in facebook “ang mga “WORDS OF WISDOM” ko ay mahirap I-translate sa english” hahaha LMAO

  4. @The_Godfather_of_The Nerd of the Rings– thanks for a heartfelt comment and ur sheer honesty, yes I know everything is on case to case basis and like I said this post was done from a spur of the moment urge to write..really not intended for a specific person only.. Anyhow, thanks for pouring your heart out and I hear you. Will try hard to write with more tact in my future posts, but then again where is freedom when I do that..and fun, too. LOL kidding..

  5. Marie says:

    hmmm….I had wanted to be every bit of girly character living in the books I have read! Still do everytime I get a hold of a new book. ^_^ If I could be Rangiku Matsumoto, that would be fine too – well, at least I could cosplay her haha. 🙂

  6. Nova S says:

    I say this pretty cool, like you I wish to be someone like those amazing powerful game character

  7. kulasa says:

    When I was a kid I fantasized being wonderwoman! And I loved Barbie too, so much! ♥♥

  8. Love this article sis, super duper naexcite ako sa comments lol. Just like you, I grew up in a real world with no barbie and stuff but I never regret it as I was surrounded with a family who are supportive and loving.

  9. papaleng says:

    Still I am dreaming to be like the Flash.

  10. Tingting R. says:

    Hmmm…have I wished to be somebody? probably when i was younger, but now, i accept whoever i am..

  11. Well, people who have a more vivid imagination calls for more vivid preferences. Certainly, I have wished to be like a certain character I enjoyed as a kid, like the super sentai series I used to watch. Hiyaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Kick-ass team of 5!