Samsung Happy Home takes Filipinos’ lifestyle to another level

We all want to level up our lifestyles. Better jobs, house, gadgets and appliances, education.. anything. We always want a step higher than what we currently have. Samsung hears us well in this area as it continues to  create one’s dream home. It comes from the basic idea that families want to be able to comfortably lounge around at home, enjoying life’s simple pleasures such as watching TV, munching on comfort food, or listening to good music with family and friends. These memorable moments will be made much better with Samsung Consumer Electronics, which makes their new home a luxurious haven for entertainment, fun, and relaxation. This family experience was showcased during Samsung Happy Home roadshow in Davao featuring Samsung’s range of new products, including Television, Home Entertainment Solutions, and Digital Appliances. I was one of the bloggers who were invited to said event which kicked off last September 10 at the Abreeza Mall.  Samsung […]

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lip balm and hand lotion

Buying Your Skin Care Products Online

In the Philippines where we experience summer almost all year round, it is very essential to moisturize our skin every so often to keep it hydrated and supple. I’ve even heard someone say never to scrimp on lotion and moisturizers because our skin need nourishment and can get thirsty too! And our lips are no exception to this. Recently, there is a buzz in the skin and beauty circle on how this spherical-shaped lip balm called EOS become an instant staple in every girl’s cosmetic kit. On top of the attractively colorful and dainty round packaging, many girls would swear by its very effective moisturizing properties and sweet, summery fragrance. As a girl who isn’t spared from the same problem of having dry lips, this EOS lip balm phenomenon intrigued me, so I researched it on the Internet. Google did its job by answering all my questions about this skin care product. […]

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