5 tips to help you save on your monthly data allowance

One SKY LiteIf you’re worried about using up your home broadband’s data allowance, with so much activity you need to perform online, you simply need to follow these 5 simple tips from One SKY Lite, SKY’s service bundle with consumable broadband, HD cable TV and mobile internet that enables families to enjoy fast internet and a slew of entertainment options while staying within budget.

  1. Turn off your gadgets with WIFI connection

Leaving the WiFi on your various gadgets will eat up your home broadband’s data allowance without you noticing it. The wise way to save on your monthly data allowance is to switch off your gadgets’ WiFi connection and only switch it on when you need to use your gadgets for internet surfing.

  1. Lower screen resolution for video streaming

A higher screen resolution will drain your data allowance. Save the high-resolution online streaming for when your family plans to spend Friday nights watching movies at home; otherwise, make sure to lower the screen resolution to dodge a looming a recipe for disaster.

  1. Deactivate automatic app download. Instead of relying on auto app downloads, try to manually update apps on your gadget. This way, you can reduce your data usage and stay within the bounds of your data allowance.
  1. Assign a strong password for your home wifi

If your WiFi password is easy to guess, your home connection is at risk of having outsiders using your WiFi without your permission. Since you can’t track their activity, your next bill may include additional charges. To keep outsiders out and to secure your home connection, assign a strong password that is difficult to guess and regularly change it.

  1. Monitor your data usage regularly.The best way to save on your data allowance is to regularly check your data usage so you know if your family needs to slow down on the data consumption. You can also download apps that help you monitor your monthly data usage.

For as low as P699 a month, One SKY Lite offers a generous data allowance of 20GB that will allow you to download up to over 3,000 songs or over 20 movies, experience 57 hours of non-stop video streaming, or enjoy up to 500 hours VolP talk time.

You can also choose One SKY Lite Plan 999 which offers 40GB data allowance to download over 7,000 songs, over 40 movies, experience 114 hours of non-stop video streaming, or enjoy up to 1,000 hours VolP talk time.

SKY’s One SKY Lite plans also complement ABS-CBN’s transition into a digital company. SKY Cable Corporation is the broadband, cable, and direct-to-home unit of ABS-CBN.

For more information, visit mysky.com.ph.