CinemaWorld Channel Brings 2 New Foreign Language Flicks

The Unexpected Life (LA VIDA INESPERADA) and The Man Who Will Come (L’UOMO CHE VERRA) Premiers in August via SkyCable Channel 716 (Channel 184 for Mega Manila)!

The Unexpected Life  (LA VIDA INESPERADA)

Care for another movie marathon? Good news! CinemaWorld, your 24-hour movie channel will soon be showing two notable foreign language flicks that are sure to capture your hearts: The Unexpected Life (LA VIDA INESPERADA) and The Man Who Will Come (L’UOMO CHE VERRA). These critically acclaimed movies will premier in CinemaWorld channel this August:  The Man Who Will Come (Aug 2) and The Unexpected Life (Aug 10).

The Unexpected Life (LA VIDA INESPERADA) is a romantic comedy  that was produced in US and Spain and released in April 2014. It speaks about two Spanish cousins living their lives in New York.

The script was written by Elvira Lindo, one of Spain’s accomplished screenwriters and directed by  Jorge Torregrossa.

The Unexpected Life narrates the story of the young economist, played by Raul Arevalo, as he visits his cousin, a jobless actor living in Manhattan.

Cast: Javier Camara, Raul Arevalo, Carmen Ruiz, Tammy Blanchard, Sarah Sokolovic

The Man Who Will Come  (L’UOMO CHE VERRA)

Meanwhile, The Man Who Will Come (L’UOMO CHE VERRA) is an Italian film released in 2009. It was directed by Giorgio Diritti and written by Giorgio Diritti, Giovanni Galavotti and Tania Pedroni.

The film talks about  a child growing up in northern Italy during World War II specifically at the time of the Marzabotto massacre.

Cast: Maya Sansa, Alba Rohrwacher, Claudio Casadio, Greta Zuccheri Montanari, Stefano Bicocchi, EleonoraMazzoni, Orfeo Orlando, Diego Pagotto.

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