Dynamic Pulse Light Technology: For A Clear Skin Reborn from Bioessence

Actor Victor Basa during the Bioessence’ DPL launch at the Abreeza Mall in Davao

Have you ever wished to get that smooth skin like a baby’s minus the hair? How about the ultimate skin clearing effects that can be achieved by just one visit to your dermatologist? You would think it is not possible,eh, but it is.

Bioessence  has recently introduced the DYNAMIC PULSE LIGHT TECHNOLOGY or DPL. It is a state-of the-art machine which can bring out multiple beneficial effects. It introduces the first and new concept of combining IPL and laser power source to create new pulse and speed.

With this newest equipment, you can get a variety of instant treatments like getting rid of unwanted hair, clearing out those stubborn acne, brightening up the skin and lightening pigmented lesion in one easy step.

This revolutionary machine has dual pulse shape delivery appropriately named the LPD or Laser Power Delivery and SPD known as Smart Power Delivery that treats acne, destroys epidermal melasma, improves the skin tone and reduces unwanted hair.

This specialized treatment using this machine is surely not your conventional IPL. It even brightens the face by removing pigmentations and softening superficial wrinkles (non-invasive rejuvenation) as well. The treatment is quick and easy and will not interfere with your normal daily activities.

Experience this newest technology through Bioessence’ special introductory promotion. Get two (2) sessions FREE for every 5 sessions enrolled. Don’t miss this awesome chance for a prettier and smoother you.