Globe Nurtures the Right Talents

Globe Telecom Vice President for Leadership and Talent Management Tina Palmario-Sioson speaks at a recent forum on talent development 

Much of Globe Telecom’s encouraging performance over the past several years could be attributed to the contribution of high potential and engaged employees amid company efforts to strengthen its talent development programs.

Strongly believing that employee engagement will further drive company growth and performance in the future, the leading telecommunications company is bent on developing key talents within the organization into future leaders of the company.  “Our objective is to build a surplus of leaders so that Globe is ready for the future whether for business sustainability or for new areas that we are resolved to conquer next,” said Tina Palmario-Sioson, Globe Vice President for Leadership and Talent Management at a recent forum on talent assessment.

Globe Telecom’s talent development program is anchored on The Globe Way, which espouses the telecommunication provider’s culture, values and ideals based on the premise that “people make the difference”.

Such thrust has prompted the company to develop an integrated leadership development approach such as the iLeadGlobe. The program is selective with eligibility criteria relevant to the participants that are handpicked by the leadership team through a stringent talent review process. The series of interventions include the Executive Development Program for the next generation of senior and business leaders. This program is meant for seasoned talents who have exhibited strong performance, demonstrated the company’s leadership competencies and have the potential to become the next generation of senior leaders.

The Young Leaders program, on the other hand, is an integrated leadership initiative that aims to engage and develop the company’s key talents into future business leaders. This program aims to holistically develop leadership skills over a period of approximately four months through a series of learning interventions such as modular training sessions, real-life projects and continuous learning through coaching and mentoring.  The Emerging Executives program, meanwhile, is for mid-career talents for evolving hidden gems in the organization.

“Even with the positive performance of the company over the past several years, we believe that things will get better and better, what with the network and IT transformation that we have implemented. The company’s thrust towards customer centricity would not have been possible without all the people at Globe,” said Sioson.

In addition to its iLeadGlobe program, the telecommunications provider has partnered with the leading business schools and opened programs for the employees interested to develop their business competence.  The company is also assessing and honing its employees by providing them with more job based development opportunities in order to future-proof their careers.

In parallel, the company launched Careers@Globe which addresses the needs for professional growth of the rest of employees in the organization. The principle is anchored toward a joint responsibility between employee and superior with the employee taking a more proactive stance in taking charge of charting his career. Employees are given access to tools to help them assess their skills, capabilities, strengths and development areas. These are used for better career discussion of the employee with his superior, Sioson added.