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Friday, March 15, 2013

Whiter Skin That Lasts With Godiva Natural Skin Care

Haven’t you noticed that while everything is going high-tech and automatic; and consumer products lure us to having things instant, people are having this inner calling to go back to the basics?  I, for one, am beginning to appreciate the benefits of healthy living. I also try to use products which are organic and made of natural ingredients. Being natural means that the components used to make them are not harsh to the skin and the environment.When I knew that Godiva Natural Skin Care, known for using Licorice root extracts in their products for safe and effective skin whitening, are back in market again starting last February this year, I was simply excited. I was able to join the launch at SM City, Annex, Davao and I knew every skin conscious Filipina like me would be thrilled to know that we can now have whiter skin that lasts, without having to spend a fortune.

( Trivia:  Licorice root extracts are from the Licorice plant, a legume that is found in southern Europe and some parts of Asia; they are known to inhibit melanin production and have now become a popular component in the design of skin-whitening agents.) 

So now, without much ado, I am presenting the basic LicoWhite skincare set from Godiva: Anti-Perspirant Deodorant, Facial Toner, Whitening Lotion, Facial Cream, Facial Wash and Whitening Clear Soap.


The Godiva LicoWhite Skin Care Products: Definitely a must-try!

I have tried these samples and I specially like the toner, lotion and deodorant.  The fragrance of Licorice gives my skin a clean feeling. The lotion moisturizes without feeling greasy while the toner is certainly is a good way to refresh and tone my face before putting on moisturizer or facial cream.

clean silky feeling with Godiva Whitening lotion, without the greasy  after-feel
effectively tones and refreshes before you apply your moisturizer or facial cream

Also, the deodorant gets you covered throughout the day and it doesn’t have that sticky feel as well. I definitely recommend these to girls (boys can use this too!) who have sensitive skin.

I love how it gets me through an active day!

What more, these items are priced affordably between Php 60 to P150 pesos each, making it easier to include them to your daily beauty regimen.

If I where you, go and hoard these must-have skin care products NOW!!

For further information, visit their Facebook page here:

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Must Eat: Lachi’s Key Lime Pie

Lachi’s Key Lime Pie : Something new for the sugar foodies!!

I am an egg pie/egg tart foodie. I was a able to sample, eat ( and gobble!) egg pies from different pastry shops here in Davao. But I am not going to talk about it today, it’s about its equally mouth-watering but distinctively delightful cousin, the Key Lime Pie. Sounds a bit sour, eh? Actually, I have never tasted lemon pies so this is something new to me.

My ‘relationship’ with this dessert started last week when my good friend Ron had to come by to deliver an invitation for his baby’s christening. I took advantage of his perky self when he called, and  kinda made lambing to bring me some merienda (snack) treat. Though I didn’t expect he would take it seriously, I was happy as a lark when he handed me a boxful of treat. When I opened the box, at first I thought they were egg pies so I hastily grabbed a bite.  If you’re used to eating uber-rich and extra sweet pies, the hint of lime which gives it a sharp flavor will sure to give your face a funny expression. I had to pause for awhile after that first bite to let the taste sink in my palate. Hmm, this is indeed sour. But guess what, after a few seconds, I was craving for another bite, then third, then some more until I finished off  one piece.

I don’t know, but once you’ve tasted it, you’d keep wanting for more, maybe because it has just the right amount of sweetness unlike the other pies we loved and knew, which would usually make us tummy-sick if  we ‘excessively’ eat them. That feeling. However, I suggest not to eat this on an empty stomach, since lime has acidic properties. You might hear your tummy grumble, if you don’t.

I love its flavorful crust as much as I love the sourish creamy filling, giving zing to the pie’s distinct character.

Now, if you are wondering where Ron bought this must-eat heaven of a dessert, head over to Lachi’s, the famous home of Sans Rival in Davao. It is priced reasonably at P45 a piece. Affordable, isn’t it?

To contact Lachi’s, like their Facebook page here.


Ruby Street, Marfori Heights, 8000 Davao City

Contact # – (082) 224 5552

Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Second Chance With Wedges (and High Heels!)

Reunited with the wedge!

I am barely five feet tall. Of course I would often say that I’m 5 feet when asked casually, knowing that 4’11” is just an inch away from 5 ft anyways. (And, my grade school Math teacher used to say I can round off numbers, you know).

Aside from the experience of wearing high heeled shoes during rare events such as proms and my very own wedding, I only got to wear them longer than a year when Havaianas wedges were popular years ago. We partied ways because hubby says it looks weird on me and he’s kinda not trusting the way I walk. He says I walk so carelessly, not looking straight to where I am headed, and I could stumble and hurt myself any minute just by looking at me. From then on I shied away from heeled shoes. Besides, I love flats. They are comfy and carefree like that.

Then one funny thing happened a week ago. I was in a bloggers’ event for a beauty brand in a mall, and we (me and my fellow bloggers) posed for a group shot. I stood on the second row,  tipped my toes to give the illusion that I’m not that short, even just in that photo. When I saw the photo on Facebook the following day, I don’t know (in funny kind of way) if I should laugh or feel sorry for myself  because only the tip of my head were showing in the picture!! Ugh.

At my age, there is no way I am getting taller than my current height even if I take a hundred of  capsules of growth vitamins or eat loads of calcium-rich food. And so, I said to myself, this is it. I am giving myself a second chance to wear these toe-constricting, blister-machine called heels and wedges.

The universe was somewhat conspiring with me because shopping malls were on having a sale. After trying on a few, I finally got myself a nice and comfy wedge made by Chelsea ( free endorsement!), which is neither too high or too low. Just enough . And it is priced reasonably too at around 800 pesos.

I know that it is perfect because it is not too heavy on my feet and mind you, I have zero blisters from the day I bought it a week ago till now. Plus, I look taller, yay! My daughter jokingly told me that I look somewhat different, she would sometimes mistake me for someone else. Hubby also says that, with the new wedge, I now walk like a lady. Hmmmm. Is that a good thing? Of course, it is!

Well, that is just about my little happy ending in the footsie department. And as they say, a girl couldn’t own enough shoes, chances are, I might be getting another pair of wedge soon.

How about you, have you rediscovered something, lately? Share!

Trivia: A Wedge heel is defined as the heel which is an extension of a shoe’s sole.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Musikademy Brings Something Wonderful, Something Musical

Are you a Broadway show fanatic or simply a music lover by heart?  ‘Tis the day to be merry! Musikademy,  Davao City’s premier vocal music school brings the broadway show, “Something Wonderful Something Musical.”Something Wonderful, Something Musical will feature musical performances of talented local artists and special guests from Metro Manila. The show is adapted from the three broadway hits: South Pacific, The King and I, and The Sound Of Music live on December 7 & 8, 2012 at SM Lanang Premier’s Centerstage located at  Lanang, Davao City. It will have two shows for the said dates, one at 2.30 pm (Matinee) and the second at 7 pm ( Gala).



The “King And I” with his children

For tickets and reservations, please contact Musikademy via their Facebook page here  or thru the following information ;


Unit 209 McPod, MacArthur Highway, Matina, 8000 Davao City

Phone(082) 297 4542



Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Basic Personal Make Up Workshop By Ryan Wong And Noeh Jani

It’s such an irony that I’ve been using and wearing make up for years already and yet I haven’t been to any formal classes on how to put them on. Good thing, Davao Bloggers were treated to an exclusive six-hour Basic Personal Make up Workshop By Ryan Wong And Noeh Jani at the Yellow Hauz   the other  Saturday, November 10.I was so looking forward to that day since I’ve a collection of make up pieces ( most are gifts from friends and relatives) in my little vanity bag and I needed an expert’s advise on the proper way of applying them.

It was totally exciting to be able to learn the do’s and dont’s of make up application, and knowing the latest trends from the experts themselves. They generously shared us helpful tips about  make-up and skincare, and interestingly debugged beauty myths we thought were true. What made it more hands-on was that, Ryan and Noeh brought make-up samples for us to try on.They specifically brought a wide array of Nyx Cosmetic samplers such as foundation, concealers, lipsticks, eye shadow pallets/sticks and more. Co-bloggers also shared their own tips and make-up/skincare brands that worked for them.

One of the important learnings I had was to choose the perfect foundation and concealer that suits my skin tone as it is the basic step of make up application. As they say, it will make or break your over-all look. Also, achieving a stunning and gorgeous look doesn’t mean you need to buy all-expensive make up, brushes, etc. (Although admittedly, a lotof  trusted make up brands don’t really come cheap these days).You need to be wise in choosing quality make-up ( brands that suit your skin and not giving you break-outs) , and those that match your facial features and tone.  If you are a smart buyer, you can have great make-up finds at very reasonable prices. Another tip that stuck in my mind was, INVEST in GOOD QUALITY MAKE-UP BRUSHES. No brainer, right?

In a nutshell, it was truly a day for the girls who want to be pretty and feel pretty.  I would definitely want a part two of this.


Ryan sharing his expertise on make-up basics


Noeh giving us winning tips on make-up application


NYX Cosmetics, one of the brands Ryan and Noeh introduced to us
Tools of the trade
Me and my co-bloggers looking pretty **wink** after the workshop with Ryan and Noeh 🙂

And for you beauties (as Noeh and Ryan would lovingly say) who want to know more about make-up basics too, fret not, they are holding another session next month. Check the details below:

The Basic Personal Make Up Workshop Batch 2 By Ryan Wong And Noeh Jani

Date:   December 01, 2012 (10am-4pm)

Venue: H. Out Of Date Clothing Boutique, (beside The Brewery) Bo. Obrero Davao City

Call/Text: 09232260518 / 09267106956 for more info.

You can also visit them here:

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Friday, October 26, 2012

‘Twas A Kopiroti Visit

There is this coffee shop in town that I’ve known for years already. Kopiroti. I kept coming back for their nice cozy ambiance especially during rainy days and cold afternoons. I also love their bestseller, the Signature Kopi Bun. The bread is deliciously soft and has unique coffee flavor enriched with tasty butter filling. This goes perfectly well with another house specialty, Kopi, brewed in a distinctively Singaporean style, blended  with the goodness of sweet milk.
Their warm cozy branch in Davao City
Kopiroti began its operations in 1955 in Singapore and started opening its doors to Filipinos in 2005 with their Singaporean blend of coffee, baked goodies and specialty beverages. Judging from its growing  number of branches, totaling to 12 across the country, I can say that we have grown to love dining at Kopiroti, not only because of their great tasting food, but also because they serve them at a very reasonable price.
Inverted reflection of their glass wall
The Kopi


My favorite, Kopi Bun.  The others are simply whatever.


Kopi Jelly
yummy boneless Bangus, tomatoes, rice, sweet turon and boiled egg all for less than a hundred bucks burp!!!


The Corned beef set  ( not the commercially sold one from the can,  read: it’s  a must-try!)


the colorful tote of my friend Lovely, who by the way took the meal photos (note:  not part of the menu, just caught my  eyes for a blogworthy shot). Check out her blog @ Journeys and Jot Downs

For queries and information, contact:


Jacinto Extension, Davao City
Tel. No.: (082)3016009

Friday, October 5, 2012

My Unforgettable Road Trips to Wildberry Berry Gardens

Two years ago, my family and friends had two-hour road trips (on separate occasions) to Wildberry Gardens. Our goal was to have a taste of the chilly Buda weather, nature’s lush greenery and home-y ambiance. It was definitely a quick get away from sales cut-offs and month end reports.

Buda, a name coined from the words Bukidnon and Davao, is located at the edge of Davao City (approximately more than 60 kilometers from Davao), hence, it is the border before reaching the province of Bukidnon in Northern  part of Mindanao, Philippines.

On the road, passing through Marilog District
And since the area is elevated by several thousand feet above sea level, you will appreciate the cool and relaxing mountain air. Of course, kids were excited as we dropped off  from the car to get inside this haven of surprises from Mother Nature.
Mikkie and her Tita Maricris at the doorstep of this quaint little restaurant and garden, Nowhere Diner and Cafe & Wildberry Gardens
The Shot Gun Willlie ( their yummy version of Chili Con Carne)
It was an afternoon delight as we feasted on turrones de nangka and their own version of club sandwich. Their fresh passion fruit and strawberry fruitshakes were simply refreshing. My advise: if you wish to have lunch ready upon arrival, it is advisable to call the owner an hour or two ahead of time. 

Poinsettias!!!! Simply Christmassy


Flowers grow abundantly in bright colors, thanks to Buda’s rich and healthy soils


Wildberries nestled on the comfort of a tree branch
lush greens and herbs blend with the cool scent of pine trees
Praire cabins for those who wish to enjoy the place for a day or two
 with my D13 friends inside Nowhere Cafe’s mini-bar cum coffee nook

And yeah, camera is indispensable, it is a must to take shots especially inside the cafe where the lights and vintage collection (from the owners’ various travels abroad) are perfect for an unforgettable album. Special credits for my little Mikaela, she took all the shots of  flowers in this post.

For reservations and advanced food orders, call the owners Ma’am Thelma or Sir Jimmy @ 0916-4755-684.