Love You To The Stars and Back on SKY PPV for the Valentine month

Love You To The Stars and Back on SKY PPVStar Cinema on SKY Pay-Per-View is not holding back on the love as they air JoshLia’s “Love You To The Stars And Back” and “Fallback” starring Zanjoe Marudo and Rhian Ramos from February 10 to March 2, 2018.

“Love You To The Stars And Back” is the second offering from the love team of Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto. After leading the successful “Vince & Kath & James” the two are back in a quirky romantic comedy that highlights the strength of love in the face of adversity.

Mika (Barretto) is an unusual girl with strange interests. After hearing news that upsets her, she goes off into the night to fulfill her late mother’s wish, get in touch with aliens. She meets Caloy (Garcia) along the way and gives him a lift after he gets injured. They bond on their shared road trip and she eventually finds out that he has cancer. The two learn to face hardships and move on with the help of love.

The other half of the Valentine double feature of Star Cinema on SKY PPV is “Fallback” featuring Zanjoe Marudo and Rhian Ramos. The two play former lovers, Alvin and Michelle. Worried her new boyfriend, Chris (Daniel Matsunaga) will leave her, Michelle resorts to a plan B or a ‘fallback.’ In a strange twist, her fallback is her ex. Will their current situation help bring back the flame between the two? Get the bundle offering now to watch and find out.

These movies are available from February 10 to March 2 in high-definition and for unlimited viewing. The offer is available to all One SKY, SKYcable, SKYdirect subscribers for P199. Call 305-5456 or visit to subscribe.