SKYcable’s Premium Pay-Per-View Options for the Family

Families will once again get an upgrade in their TV entertainment as SKYcable beefs up its roster of pay-per-view offerings every month with fresh-off-the-cinema releases, hit and critically-acclaimed movies, and special live events that subscribers can enjoy in the comforts of their homes.

Starting this July, families can enjoy the widest selection of pay-per-view options on high definition like blockbuster movies from Star Cinema and Viva Films on SKY Pay-Per-View Box Office, restored titles on SKY Pay-Per-View Classics, award-winning independent films on SKY Pay-Per-View Critics’ Choice, live or recorded coverages of concerts and special events on SKY Pay-Per-View VIP Access, and live coverage of must-see sports events on SKY Pay-Per-View Sports.

“The demand for a wide selection of entertaining content among Filipinos is rising. Entertainment now isn’t just about hit TV shows. Filipinos are looking for engaging world-class content that they can conveniently access at home and SKY Pay-Per-View aims to address this need,” Alan Supnet marketing head of Sky Cable Corporation said.

He added that SKY realized the need to develop a richer content library for pay-per-view when they observed how most Filipinos struggle to find avenues to watch movies, restored classics, indie films, and live coverages of events.

“When Filipinos miss the chance to catch a film during its theatrical release, they have to wait for months to watch it on TV, DVD, or during a limited screening. When they are in the provinces, they don’t have the opportunity to be part of highly anticipated events that are usually held in Manila. SKY Pay-Per-View now becomes their portal to get front-row access to all these enriching TV viewing experiences,” Supnet added.

Beginning this month, SKY Pay-Per-View opens doors to a world of banner premium offerings. For SKY Pay-Per-View Critics’ Choice, the eight-hour Lav Diaz opus “Hele sa Hiwagang Hapis” will be having a seven-day continuous viewing until July 24, while the blockbuster hit “Just The 3 of Us” starring John Lloyd Cruz and Jennylyn Mercado which hit theaters in May, will be the star offering for SKY Pay-Per-View Box Office until July 31.

SKY Pay-Per-View Sports also became the platform for the live coverage of “Pinoy Pride 37 Fists of Fury” last Sunday that featured the epic showdown between Prince Albert Pagara and Cesar Juarez.

Apart from the promise of convenience, Sky Cable also takes into consideration viewing flexibility among Filipinos as it offers all its Pay-Per-View content on SKY On Demand, its video-on-demand platform. Through SKY On Demand, Filipinos can watch any of the Pay-Per-View offerings they subscribed to on any device anytime, anywhere. They also have the power to pause and rewind the content they are streaming. Access to SKY On Demand is available when subscribers are using a SKYbroadband or SKYmobi (mobile internet) connection.

SKY aims to bring a wide array of premium content closer to Filipino families that they can conveniently watch using multiple devices. Sky Cable Corporation is a unit of ABS-CBN, the country’s leading media and entertainment organization.

To activate subscription to “Hele sa Hiwagang Hapis” on SKY Pay-Per-View Critics’ Choice and “Just The 3 of Us” on SKY Pay-Per-View Box Office, subscribers can call their local SKY office or text SUBSCRIBE<space>9-digit account number to 23662. For more information, visit