The Making of A Ninja Dragon

  Have you ever wished to be someone you are not? Have you ever found yourself  dreaming to be the character that is far beyond what you ever imagined to be? You watch way too many movies, you might quickly say. For starters, I wished to be as effortlessly beautiful as my cousin’s Barbie Doll when I was 10. ( My cousin’s because I never owned one, geez,  ’twas so expensive back then!)  Barbie was the so-called eptiome of a perfect woman  with her long and semi-curly blond locks, shapely legs, evenly toned skin, pretty chiseled nose and curvaceously slim body that would allow her to wear fancy and fashionable wardrobe. Well, today, this infamous doll could still probably be something that every little girl wishes to look like when she grows up, but at least , more and more individuals have opened their eyes and become wise enough  to […]

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