Taxilink: Davao’s Homegrown Taxi App

taxilink pngOver the years, Davao has become famous for having honest cab drivers and commendable passenger experience. To add to this, Davao-owned and operated Southern Maligaya taxi took great effort by developing a mobile taxi application to improve their services in the city.

The app is named “Taxilink” , giving users access to the entire R.A Hao Group fleet which includes Orange Cab, Master Cab, Apple Cab, Pacific Cab, Bell Cab, Premier Cab, Visa Cab, SMTI, Mister Cab & Misis Cab.

In line with its founders’ vision “to provide the best quality of products and services every Filipino deserves”, the fleet promises to deliver more secured, effective and convenient way through taxi bookings.

The management aims to bring more value to the customers through their app by providing a special duo which can offer a free ride in the first few months called the Mister Cab and Misis Cab.

The best part of it is, the company has full control over the user experience as it owns both app and the taxi units. This leaves room for exciting innovations to roll-out in the coming months.

The app is due to be released via Android and IOS mid-July of this year. You can have preview of the app at Or feel free to visit their homepage at for more updates.