The Search for Alaska-mazing Mom 2016 Goes To Davao

Alaska Mazing talent

      moms during the talent portion

As a mother, it  warms the heart knowing that a multinational company such as Alaska goes out of its way to honor moms who have made a mark in their respective household and communities. For me, all mothers deserve a pat in the back for being there for their families and loved ones every single day, almost not having a day off. Truth be told, a mother’s love is irreplaceable.

In Since 2003, Alaska has been giving due recognition to mothers all over the country through its brainchild, the search for Ginang Alaska.  Most will think that Ginang Alaska is just usual pageant search for women vying for crown and title. It has become more than because it opened it doors of opportunities for these mothers, empowering them and making their lives better. More than that, it gave them self esteem and fulfilment knowing that have achieved something despite their limited resources.

This year, Alaska Milk has once again in its hunt for mothers who showed utmost dedication to their families and communities, and to those who have become achievers in their own right. She will be crowned as Alaska-Mazing Mom.

Alaska Mazing Zumba


Here in Davao City, the search was held last October 22 (Saturday) at Davao People’s Park. The park was on its feet as people trooped early in the morning to witness the contest. Before the contest proper, the Alaska Community Zumba jump-started the event to boost the energy of the participants and the audience. During the contest, mommies showed their cooking prowess using Alaska product ingredients; they also had a talent portion ( with family participation) and one-on -one interview.

Alaska Mazing cooking

mommies at the Cooking showdown

Here is the criteria for judging:

30% Community Support (Submitted labels)
35% Culinary Skills (Nutritional value, use of Alaska Evaporated Filled milk/Alaska Sweetened Condensed milk in recipe, creative presentation, originality, taste)
20% Interview (One on One Interview, Personality)
15% Talent(Family participation in Talent portion)
100% TOTAL

Congratulations to the Alaska-mazing winners for the Davao search:

Alaska Mazing mom Davao WInners

Grand Winner: Ailene Caracol, Ginang No. 8
1st runner up: Meriam Perez, Ginang No. 12
2nd runner up: Conchiga Camporedondo, Ginang No. 1

If you want to join in your city’s (or province) Search for Alaska-Mazing Mom check this out for more information

You may also visit Ginang Alaska’s Facebook page for more updates.