The New BlackBerry Q10 Is Now Available!

The new BlackBerry Q10: The first BB 10 smartphone w/ the classic QWERTY Keyboard             (photo credits:

The new BlackBerry Q10 smartphone is the first ever BlackBerry 10 smartphone that has the classic Blackberry QWERTY Keyboard. It is now available in the Philippines since June 7 at the price of  Php 31,990.

You can choose from the two elegant colors of the BBQ10: Black and White.  It proudly features the strength of the BlackBerry 10 platform with a large, re-engineered keyboard and eye-catching touchscreen display. It is known to be the largest ever on a BlackBerry QWERTY smartphone. It offers premium performance set in BlackBerry’s distinct keyboard design, allowing users to take real time action and be connected to their work and personal connections anytime of the day.

As it boasts of its posh and ergonomic QWERTY keyboard, it provides a wider layout,  bigger and a more sculpted keys.  With BlackBerry Q10’s advanced hardware, communications and multimedia features, coupled with a long battery life, you are sure of being on top of  your daily activities.

Among BBQ10’s notable features are:

The BlackBerry Hub – bringing all your conversations together in one manageable place that you can easily click anytime from any app with a simple “peek”. This makes messaging one swipe away wherever you go, anytime of the day.

BlackBerry Balance technology which stylishly separates and protects work applications and information from your personal mobile content.

BBM or the BlackBerry Messenger allows you to instantly share videos and messages to people who are important to you. What’s more, it lets you screen share with another BlackBerry 10 smartphone contact.

BlackBerry Remember assists you in handling tasks fast with a new way to collect, organize and do action using all the information available across your smartphone.

To get more information about the BlackBerry Q10 smartphone, head over to its homepage: .


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  1. betchai says:

    I miss using the QWERTY board, it is easier to use than small keys in touch screen of most smart phones, that’s why my father chose smart phones still with QWERTY because he does not have to get stressed typing 🙂

  2. Those are beautiful babies, I wish I could have one lol.

  3. Nova says:

    I never owned this kind of phone, yet i am very interested to learn the software. I used my co-worker’s phone which is the blackberry before and I was quite bewildered because of the difference.

  4. jane says:

    there’s a lot of really good phones theses days!! ima get a BB one soon too to answer emails very fast since i can type even without looking at the qwerty keyboard haha unlike iphone

  5. This gadget is too pricy for me but given the chance, this is really something useful to have.

  6. kulasa says:

    Hmmmm a gadget that looks so cool! makes me miss blackberry….I sold my BB unit when I changed to another smartphone last month….I miss the classic design of BB….:)

  7. Blackberry is just so awesome! I just wish I can have one now…

  8. jennyL says:

    I want BB smartphone…nga lang d na ko sanay s QWERTY pad.

  9. lencilicious says:

    I like this new blackberry unit. I like the the wider screen.

  10. papaleng says:

    Yes, my son will buy this one. Ang ganda ng mga feature ng gadget.

  11. Algene says:

    I prefer the Q10 than the Z10 ate. Mas maganda kasi talaga ang may qwerty phones when it comes to BlackBerry.

  12. Marie says:

    I have been readin reviews and watching unboxing videos of this one, and oh boy, I want to have one!!!

  13. Tingting R. says:

    Would love to get the white one….:-)

  14. mtrguanlao says:

    Too bad I can’t have one because of its price, hehe! But given the money, I’d love to buy one!