Cryoslim: A Non-Invasive Contouring Procedure from Bioessence


Biossence: More Beautiful at 19

Bioessence, a popular skin and wellness establishment in Davao City, famous for their luxury facials, effective non-surgical slimming has recently introduced  the best and proven techniques of CRYOCELL (CRYOSLIM). It is a technology which tightens sagging tissues and muscles which is a common problem for matured skin usually experienced between age 40-50.

Cryoslim: Non-invasive body contouring procedure which uses cryo and thermal therapy (photo source:

Among the notable features of CRYOSLIM are:

Non-surgical and no needle procedure

-Immediate body contouring effect

-Promotes blood circulation

-Stimulates body metabolism

Headed by its Founding President, Dr. Emma Beleno-Guerrero whose firm belief in the power of excellent customer service, continuous innovation, non-stop research and development, world class training and passionate heart for service, all of which became the contributing factors which have put Bioessence on top of the beauty and wellness industry.

They have humble beginnings which started from a three-bed clinic that has spawned to almost 50 branches all over the country spreading across key cities in Luzon and Mindanao. Now, in time for the celebration of its 19th year anniversary, it is but fitting for Bioessence to have added another milestone in its thrust for holistic wellness.

For inquiries, contact Bioessence via their website: or through their branches at:

Marfori, Davao City – (082) 224-0359;  (082) 224-0361

Abreeza Ayala Mall, Davao City – (082)- 321-0173l (082) 295-3667


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  1. Joy says:

    i prefer a non-invasive beauty treatment, I am now 48 but I think I still do not need this procedure maybe in the next years to come lol

  2. jo-anne says:

    My friend tried this procedure and so far, she’s really happy with the result.

  3. Nova S says:

    this is great information, thanks for sharing.

  4. I do my facials at BioEssence! Better ask them about Cryoslim! 🙂

  5. jo says:

    I just read a similar from small beginnings story. I just hope Dr. Emma keeps her feet to the ground. I heard that’s one great business! I love the “passionate heart for service”. 🙂

  6. betchai says:

    wow, i have not heard of a non-invasive contouring procedure before, wonder how it is done. must be very good option for those of thinking of this kind of procedure. though for me, I guess they would have to spend a lot of work to contour me, so I guess, I better just accept myself as I am 🙂

  7. Anne Mary says:

    I always passed by their office upon going to ladislawa. I never tried their product because I am worried about the price. Does it cost a lot?

    • louiseinthehouse says:

      It’s a per session basis sis Anne, you may want to contact them via their website: or through their branches at:
      Marfori, Davao City – (082) 224-0359; (082) 224-0361/ Abreeza Ayala Mall, Davao City – (082)- 321-0173l (082) 295-3667