Getting CTPLs Fast and Easy from Cebuana Lhuillier

Cebuana CTPL Insurance: Fast and Easy with Cebuana Lhuilliers 1500 Branches nationwide

Going to Land Transportation Office (LTO) to process car registration renewala is not just a man’s thing anymore. I’ve tried doing it a few times already and it’s not that hard. It just requires a great amount of patience and effort as the entire business of renewing a license or a car registration consists of falling in line for three different counters, whew!

To renew a car registration permit it is required to buy CTPL (Compulsory Third Party Liability) insurance as well. This means there is an added work to look for an insurance company of your choice. Most times, to save time and effort, I’d just get it from one of the agents ( that I randomly choose) that swarm outside the LTO, that’s it.

Little did I know that I could be getting fake CTPLs from these agents, or these insurance premium purchases would later give me problems like delayed claims processing, and worse, zero claim!

But there’s no more reason to worry as Cebuana Lhuiller~ the country’s largest pawnshop chain has just teamed up with Federal Phoenix~ trusted insurance risk solution provider for Filipinos for over 50 years,  for CTPL issuance and claims processing. It is dubbed as Cebuana CTPL.

A unique collaboration of two industries: insurance and pawnshop is a milestone that utilizes Cebuana Lhuiller’s strategic presence nationwide with over 1,500 branches across the country. Motorists will sure to reap the benefits from the accessible and easy of having CTPL policies wherever they are in their respective cities and provinces.

Vehicle owners can now renew their CTPL policies fast and easy, be it a month away from the LTO registration due date or on the date itself. All they need is to bring the LTO Certificate of Registration (CR) plus the official receipt (OR), and within minutes, they will have faster and hassle free transaction done!

And that is not it. Insurance claims from Cebuana CTPL can file their requests at any Cebuana Lhuillier branch by just bringing valid and complete claims document to ensure fast processing.

For more details, feel free to visit their homepage :

Cebuana Lhuillier Insurance Solutions Inc.

or contact them with the following information:


General Manager

G/F Cebuana Lhuillier Bldg.

821 JP Rizal cor A. Spring St. Makati City

Direct landline: (02) 890 3760

Mobile:  0917 800 8220


Federal Phoenix


Distribution and Branches

6th Floor Zuellig Building Makati Avenue Cor. Paseo de Roxas Makati City 1225

Direct Line: (02) 859 1236

Mobile: 0917 548 3873



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  1. Over here insurance is a mandatory thing, you won’t be issued a license unlese you have an insurance.

  2. betchai says:

    wow, did not know that lhuiller is into insurance now too, when i was there, i know they are very popular fas jeweler

  3. Quimz says:

    Alam mo naman mami na na-amaze din talaga tayo sa insurance na ito. Kasi aside na very accessible sya, trusted pa ang kompanya at mahahabol mo talaga in any case, sa kadami ba naman ng branches nila. 🙂 See you around mami 🙂

  4. jennyL says:

    My bro hates paper works of our Uy nice meron na rin sa Cebuana ng insurance convenient din to for car owners . Thanks for the heads up

  5. Rcel says:

    That is good to know that there is a vehicle insurance available to be purchased na at the most accessible place. I wonder if my family knows about this. I should ask them later!

  6. lencilicious says:

    Good to hear that there are credible company who can handle car insurance renewal. It is so convenient.

  7. Marie says:

    Now I know… Thanks for the heads-up po! 🙂 Will definitely remember all this when my parents will finally get our own car and my own too, I hope! 🙂

    Cebuana Lhuillier has been really a great help to most Filipinos nowadays.

  8. mhie@smarlk says:

    Wow! cebuana is really good in marketing and that’s big help that cebuana is in insurance.

  9. papaleng says:

    Great to know that Cebuana is branching out to other lucrative business. Mas larami ng car owners ang may pagpipilian.

  10. Ria C says:

    I am amazed by how some of the companies in the Philippines are starting to engage in other service oriented field of business. Not only does Cebuana Lhuillier provide its main business of being a pawn shop, it also handles remittances from OFWs all over the world. Now that is something I look forward to when I come home. I don’t have to drive long distance to do my regular transactions.

  11. kulasa says:

    That’s great news! I will tell the hubby about this. Car license renewal really entails extra-ordinary patience. 🙂

  12. Marie says:

    This is good news, I find it annoying when we have to go on long lines to get something from a certain government department 🙁 Glad things are getting better with the help of such establishments.

  13. Nova S says:

    It’s always good to be ready, insurance would help you with that because you can’t foresee the future.

  14. These guys are diversifying their investments! The more the merrier!

  15. Lencilicious says:

    This is great to know. I will inform my family there about this.

  16. Algene says:

    I think they have this CTPL system since last year pa diba? It’s really good to make wise investments. Kaya it’s important to think wise before putting our money into any company / system 🙂

  17. I went to Cebuana L. to purchase CTPL.. the guy had to look it up in his computer because he has not heard of it. He just told me to fill out a form (like you were paying someone) and I needed a clientele number.. Both of us did not know what to do.. So, I left the store…

    Does anyone know what to do, what paperwork is required? I had my OR and registration ready. but he did not know what to do, and I needed to get something in return. Aside from a receipt, do I get something in the mail?

    The news is good. But the application is still overwhelming.