Nippon Paint: Brings Innovative Coating Solutions to the Philippines

Dining room in Sparkle Silver

Lately, Nippon Paint (Caotings) is making rounds around the Philippines to launch its new coating solutions. After its successful launch in Manila to mark its entry into the Philippines architectural coatings segment, it is now developing an expansion of its innovative coating solutions to Davao City.

They acknowledge the fact that Davao is fast growing making its construction and real estate industries to be flourishing in this booming city. “We are definitely looking forward to be part of this exciting growth through our extensive range of coating solutions,” said Gladys Goh, Group General Manager of Nippon Paint Malaysia Group. Now, Davaoeños will enjoy innovative coating solutions of unparalleled quality, together with a colour palette that runs into the thousands” she added.

Living Room in Elegant Living

Gladys Goh, Group General Manager Nippon Paint

Nippon Paint’s coating expertise dates back 133 years and today, it is Asia’s leading coatings manufacturer – operating 56 manufacturing facilities in 15 countries throughout Asia, with employee strength of over 15,000. In 2013, Nippon Paint’s total group sales revenue was USD5.4billion, making it the clear No. 1 coatings manufacturer in Asia.

Central to its dominance is its strong commitment to innovation in raising new industry standards. Efforts that have seen it recognized by Frost & Sullivan, where in 2011, it was awarded the Best Paint & Coating Company of the Year by them. And more recently, Nippon Paint was conferred the “Best Company for Leadership in Paint Technology Asia” award by IAIR, one of the world’s leading ranking and prize for excellence in global economy and sustainability.

Leading Nippon Paint’s charge into the Philippines is the Nippon Paint Malaysia Group, principal owners of Nippon Paint (Coating) Philippines. The current market leader in Malaysia with 40% market share, Nippon Paint Malaysia Group has pioneered total coating solutions for all forms of substrates and surfaces needed to complement the phenomenal growth of Philippines’ building and construction industry. Aside from the Philippines, Nippon Paint Malaysia Group also manages operations in markets such as Papua New Guinea, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Thailand. For the Philippines, Nippon Paint Malaysia Group will be investing PHP100million into Nippon Paint (Coatings) Philippines with the aim of achieving PHP1.5billion in sales turnover in the next 3 years.

Now, talking about innovation and a goal  to make colours within reach to a lot of people, Nippon Paint will bring its Nippon Colour Creations™ tinting machines to be housed in paint centers and modern trade outlets throughout the Philippines. Touted as “mini Nippon Paint factories”, these machines are able to produce thousands of colors, on demand, making it convenient for Filipinos to find their choice of color.

With this new technology, Davaoeños can now ask on demand from over 10,000 paint formulations in our library.

Nippon Paint (Coatings) Philippines is also bringing to Davao City its Nippon Momento™ Special Effects, a textured range of coatings created to give homeowners more options to wall decoration beyond just color. Offering the added sensorial dimension of touch, walls now sparkle to life with a variety of effects like gold, silver and even a pearlescent shine.

The Nippon Momento™ Special Effects range comprises of the Textured Series— Elegant, Sparkle Silver, Pearl and Gold variants; and the Enhancer Series—Frost &Cloud variants that works as a textured over-glaze to enhance any new or existing wall color.

All of these one-of-kind features prove that Nippon Paint (Coatings) Philippines is set to be at the forefront of innovation and color accessibility in the country. Pushing the boundaries of coating solutions to provoke Filipinos to Rethink Coatings, Recreate Possibilities.

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