One More Krispy Kreme Story

I was again lucky to be invited at the Krispy Kreme Media Event and VIP Socials yesterday afternoon at its soon to open branch in SM Davao Annex.

kids and kids at heart getting ready for KK donut store unveiling

It was such a memorable gathering as it unveiled the much sought-after doughnut store in the country that is getting ready to open in Davao with two branches at SM Annex and Abreeza Mall tomorrow, October 20. (The third Davao branch opening will be at SM Lanang Premier in November.)

The red light is on!!!!

Being the first set of Krispy Kreme branches in Mindanao, everyone was filled with excitement as they set their eyes with glee on  the curtains which finally went down to present the store to the media and other top executives in the city.

Finally, they’re open! =)


KK’s Signature Coffee on the go


Baked creations for the sweet foodies

Apart from the tasty pica-pica/cocktails that were served before the unveiling, we were also treated to have a taste of the Original Glazed donuts, fresh and hot from the donut factory plus our own choice of hot or cold beverage.

Strawberries and cream for me. Always.


Indeed, gone are the days when Davaoenos would only have Krispy Kreme as pasalubong (a present usually given by one arriving from a tripfrom loved ones coming from Manila. They are definitely here, yay!


But wait there’s more! Another boxfull treat from KK =)

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  1. Jay says:

    Hala! kabuang! I really thought sa SM Lanang! Boom! I’ll be at Abreza later cguro pa Ann, gigamit ang service, luoy kaayo asta rabang inita! hahahahaha. wala nuon ko ka apas sa firt 100 customers dah! sayanga! niadto ka?

    • louiseinthehouse says:

      wala pud ko nakaad2 kay nalate ug mata..the good thing is open na jud sila db 😉

  2. Hi, how are you? I hope you are doing well. I wanted to say that I like One More Krispy Kreme Story | Ketchup the Latest from Louise.