PAGSIBOL: Cosplay Event and More

I had a very busy schedule last two weeks ago, aside from the blogger events I attended to, my kids also had their respective school activities that were not to be missed. This made me activate my mommy multi-tasking mode again and so I was on the go and had to be there for my son Gabby for his first ever Cosplay event.

Cosplay  which  is coined from the words,  ‘costume play’, is a kind of performance arts on stage where participants accessorize and wear costumes, and  represent a certain character (mostly Anime or Japanese cartoon characters).

Take note, I didn’t urge him to join, I was just surprised when weeks before the show, he handed me a letter of consent form for me to sign.  It was a pleasant surprise since he never showed any interest before in going on stage, and in the mall at that, and wearing a costume, too.  My motherly instinct just took the best of me and supported him all the way. So here it is.

The show was entitled PAGSIBOL: A showcase of songs, dances and cosplay presentation by the students under the Special Program of the Arts (SPA) of Davao City National High School (DCNHS), presented at the Activity Center of NCCC Mall of Davao Activity Center last October 12. They were supervised by Ms. Jam Natividad, the DCNHS SPA Coordinator.

Here are some of the pics I took:

The Singing Teens

Gabby in his Choji Akimichi ( from the manga and anime series Naruto) character

Choji with the other anime characters

Choji and Sona ( the Goddess of Music)

show of weapons

prepping before going on stage

Choji on stage

showcase of young talents and personalities

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  1. Algene says:

    I love cosplays! Pero I only watch ha. I’ve never tried wearing a costume even on Halloweens. Hahaha

  2. Lainy says:

    Call me naive or dumb but it is only through this post that I learned what Cosplay means. LOL! Gabby looks cool in that Naruto costume. I admire you for your strong support on your son’s endeavors.

  3. raine says:

    Cosplay always looks fun that I hope I could participate in one of the events in the future 🙂 your son’s costume looks cool

  4. cheerful says:

    wow, must be fun for your boy…:) i’ve seen cosplay show here in Bangkok once and its so interesting. do they make their own costume or there’s a shop in Philippines that cosplay player (if that’s what it called?! no idea.) can go and buy the costumes they want? just curious. 🙂

    • louiseinthehouse says:

      Here in Davao, there is one or two shops in the mall where you can buy costumes but for me its costly, so we just bought materials and fabric, have it done by a tailor. It saved us money. Plus it will make use of one’s creativity. It can be expensive and time consuming, but all for the love of our kids =)

  5. papaleng says:

    Yes, kailan ko rin nalaman na ang meaning ng Cosplay..LOL Uy ang pogi pala ng anak mo and ayos sa costume.

  6. Dhemz says:

    wow! how cool..I love their costumes.

  7. Same with Lainy, I just knew Cosplay means through this post. hehehe.That’s good you give them a choices what your kids wants to do especially this kind of events.

  8. nova says:

    is this really happening in davao? nice, good event for kids to show and express their favorite anime character

    • louiseinthehouse says:

      Hi Nova, yes there were already number of cosplay events that were being sponsored in various malls here. And youngsters are going crazy about them!

  9. Gracia says:

    I miss Davao and I love looking at pics taken in Davao.

  10. Josie says:

    Oh my daughter can relate to this, she’s an avid anime fan and attended cosplay regularly, sometimes she joins too or do costumes for the other characters and make-up too. 🙂

  11. Marie says:

    This is cute! I wish I could watch a cosplay show personally. I can only watch on TV kasi! 🙁

  12. Shengkay says:

    Ireally admire those who do costplaying…
    ..they are cute!