Fight Cervical Cancer, Visit Your OB for Vaccine!

The Big C is so dreaded, and it’s very apparent that no one wants to put himself to the ‘dead end’ and be diagnosed with it.  Everytime I see someone, either a relative, friend, acquaintance or even a stranger suffering with cancer, the thought about life being so short and that it can easily be taken away from us at a snap of a finger bothers me. My heart goes out to them who have suffered and died from this dreaded disease, but sometimes it leaves me helpless as well, knowing that at most times, cancers are incurable. It brings the fear that I ,too or any of my family members might have it. I am afraid but admittedly, I feel I haven’t really taken a concrete action to prevent it and know more about it as well. Yes, I am trying hard to have a healthy lifestyle but it […]

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