Midtown Printing Press: Printing Its Way With The Times

    As far as I can remember, when I was active with the school paper and yearbook club back in high school in the late 80s and 90s, Midtown Printing Press was already there. Today, after 45 years in the printing business, it has gotten stronger and bolder to face the challenges of the times. With the onset of e-books (short for electronic book, also known as a digital book, ebook, and eBook) and publications on the internet you would think this industry has died. Not with Midtown. Being in the forefront of printing premium quality yearbooks for countless schools and universities not just in the Davao region but all through out the country, it has set a standard on  how printing should be done. The management of Midtown never stopped pursuing for excellence,  they have an admirable thrust of always perfecting their craft in the light of technological […]

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