SM Lanang Premier Brings Flash Mob Ala Gangnam Style

I have never experienced to see a flash mob live in front of me until this interesting event sponsored by SM Lanang Premierlast November 3. I went there, together with there other bloggers and we were only told to cover a special surprise event. Totally clueless about a flash mob coming along, we just waited by the fountain court stair steps with the thick crowd usually present on a regular weekend day. Little did we know that around 200 girls and boys from various dance groups in Davao were scattered around the area preparing for their little surprise. To everyone’s amazement, the familiar tune of the most played song in YouTube history ever, Oppa Gangnam Style sung by Psy started to envelop the crowd. In a minute, a mob of dancers were lined up in formation right before the delighted audience. Children of all ages, including us, watched with glee, […]

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