Red Bull Ph Davao Qualifiers Blancas Golden Knights and UM Tagum

Red Bull Half Court’s First Davao Champions set to conquer National Finals in Manila! 

In a showdown of talent and tenacity, the Red Bull Half Court Qualifiers in Davao reached its thrilling conclusion. Blancas Golden Knights dominated the men’s division, while Coaches Corner showcased their supremacy in the women’s category, commanding the court with their exceptional skill and determination. From buzzer-beaters to jaw-dropping crossovers, the event witnessed the best of Davao’s streetball scene – crowning Davao’s first-ever Red Bull Half Court champions.  Rising stars emerged, leaving an indelible mark on the court and setting the stage for an electrifying journey ahead. The victorious teams from Davao now advance to the National Qualifiers, where they will face off against other regional champions from across the country alongside wildcard teams consisting of professional players to make the competition more intense.  “We worked so hard to prepare for this league, and we made sure to stay focused throughout each game and not become complacent. Also, we leave […]

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