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Why People Skills Still Rule The Age of Technology

  Imagine a company that has more machines and equipments for business operations than its ‘human’ employees.  Not impossible, eh?  Filipinos are not alone in this fear. Up to 70% of Americans and 90% of Japanese shudder at the same thought–and they have more advanced technologies to begin with. In reality, artificial intelligence and tech advancements are the least of professionals’ problems. If anything, they should count as helpers rather than destroyers of one’s career goals. While AI can do automatic tasks in a heartbeat, there is one aspect that humans can still do better: people-oriented skills and services.   The HR grind Globally, 90% of employees grumble from tedious, repetitive, and downright boring tasks in the workplace. Data search, entry, processing, and collating can hinder the most important task of all: interpretation and analysis. There is no other department in a company that understands this more than human resources. […]

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