The Dream Shirt: Who Says You Can’t Wear Your Favorite Books?

What started out as an idea to create shirts for bookworms, has finally marked its 2.5K followers for The Dream Shirt after a year of operating online. With more and more fangirls and fanboys finding out about the online shop, The Dream Shirt is planning to have its relaunch come 2015, which includes creating a line for locally published books, releasing more collections, and a collaboration giveaway with Fandom Trinkets PH.

The Dream Shirt is an online shop that offers made-to-order shirts, with prints that features quotes and designs based on different books. Each design is printed on a cotton shirt in vinyl or via heat transfer. As of today, most of their selections are based from Young Adult novels like John Green’s ‘Looking for Alaska’ and ‘The Fault in Our Stars’. They also print designs based on the popular dystopian novels such as the infamous Hunger Games trilogy and Divergent. Although their current fan base is consisted of young people and fanatics of YA masterpieces, The Dream Shirt is planning to target a larger market, tapping in the bookworm crowd in general by providing designs that are based on the classics, fiction novels, and the like. The designs are slated to be released early next year, along with their official relaunch.

Unlike most of its competitors, The Dream Shirt aims to stick to creation of book-based shirts, and expand its designs by having its own artistic team that will put their ideas into reality. They are also aiming to be more present offline by participating in bazaars and other book related activity. Their website is also in the works, aiming to provide a better experience for their customers.

Know more about The Dream Shirt by checking on their Facebook account: You may also get updates from their Twitter: (@thedreamshirt_)   and Instagram (@thedreamshirt) accounts.

They are also open for partners and collaborations, just send them an e-mail at or contact via # 0906 381- 1776.

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  1. Hmmmnn very intriguing designs, not my type but they are unique!

  2. I love customized shirts too Sis 🙂 It says who we are as a person.

  3. Sherryl Mae says:

    I wanna wear the shirt from the maze runner book 🙂 Wicked is Good!