Globe Prism Visayas

Globe, UC hold PRISM Digital Literacy Program in the Visayas

Globe Telecom, in partnership with the University of Cebu (UC),  capped off the Visayas leg of PRISM, a digital literacy training program designed to equip private school teachers with technological skills for effective classroom teaching. PRISM is in line with Globe Telecom’s sustainability commitment to empower every Filipino with world-class learning through technology in response to United Nations Sustainable Development Goal No. 4 to “ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning.” According to Ms. Michelle Tapia, Globe Advisor and Head of Education Strategy & Innovation, “These days, it is imperative for teachers to learn how to use information and communications technology (ICT) tools in the classroom if they want to motivate students to learn and to help increase their skills for entrepreneurship and employment. The changing times mean that teachers need to continuously adapt to their evolving role. Through this program, we are assisting the teachers in discovering […]

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SKYbundles Super Saver

SKYbundles Super Saver for Unlimited Internet Within the Budget

  Good news to the budget-conscious! At this age when fast internet connectivity is a must in every home, SKY is bringing quality unlimited internet service called Super Saver Plan 3 MBPS. The whole family will now have access to vast information in their daily pursuits at work, in school and with their community connections.  With unlimited internet, possibilities are endless. Aside from this, it is the only bundle in the market today with a prepaid cable TV option so viewers can watch their favorite shows with no monthly commitment. For as low as a Php99 peso load valid for 30 days, they can now access 30 standard definition channels and 4 high definition channels including SKY’s exclusive channels such as Cinema One, ABS-CBN HD, ABS-CBN Sports and Action HD and ANC HD. Prepaid load Php 250 is also available. Moreover, subscribers will  get to stream or catch up on their favorite local shows and select cable channels […]

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the Multi-Functional VAIO series: Uncompromising notebook experience for productive work and play

The Multi-Functional VAIO Fit multi-flip PC by Sony

Advanced technology may have enabled us with smartphones or tablets but neither of the two can really provide us a productive computing experience. In this regard, Sony has constantly introduced innovative products that equip us not just with mobile convenience but the benefits of increased productivity and creativity that smartphones and tablets alone cannot provide. In line with this, Sony is launching today another addition to its line of premium VAIO products – the VAIO® Fit 13A/15A. An all new form factor to the design of VAIO® notebooks, the VAIO® Fit 13A/15A features a multi-flipTM hinge that provide a variety of new ways to use mobile PCs while still enjoying the full functionality of a traditional clamshell laptop. It aims to suit the computing needs of everyone and is available in 13-inch, and 15-inch sizes.  Both units were first showcased at the Sony Center by Avid at the Glorietta Mall […]

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The Recipients of the BlackBerry Scholars Program

Over the 7 week application period, the BlackBerry Scholars Program received over 500 applications from women across 43 countries. BlackBerry is thrilled to announce the talented and passionate scholarship recipients of the BlackBerry Scholars Program. Ten young women have been selected earlier last month to receive full, four-year scholarships to pursue degrees in STEM-related fields to inspire more women to enter the mobile computing industry and pursue careers in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). The recipients will receive full, four-year university tuition scholarships to the school of their choice for degrees in STEM-related fields, as well as mentorship and professional opportunities. Empowered by BlackBerry’s support, the young women will not only advance their own careers, but also help inspire and encourage women in their communities and around the world to pursue STEM careers. “The BlackBerry Scholars Program was designed to inspire women in STEM fields, but it […]

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Midtown's latest offering: Web to Print online ordering

Midtown Printing Press: Printing Its Way With The Times

    As far as I can remember, when I was active with the school paper and yearbook club back in high school in the late 80s and 90s, Midtown Printing Press was already there. Today, after 45 years in the printing business, it has gotten stronger and bolder to face the challenges of the times. With the onset of e-books (short for electronic book, also known as a digital book, ebook, and eBook) and publications on the internet you would think this industry has died. Not with Midtown. Being in the forefront of printing premium quality yearbooks for countless schools and universities not just in the Davao region but all through out the country, it has set a standard on  how printing should be done. The management of Midtown never stopped pursuing for excellence,  they have an admirable thrust of always perfecting their craft in the light of technological […]

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I was there!!

Globe Brings Modernized Network In Davao and Key Areas in Mindanao

If you are a person on the go who relies so much with communication technology to undertake daily activities, there’s no better news than having these things updated to keep up with the rest of the world.  Whether we like it or not, internet and  telecommunication have also become like common staples we couldn’t live without.  You wouldn’t be surprised that even at the most casual gathering of friends and  formal business meetings,  there’s only one thing that people would ask first— WIFI PASSWORD!!!   So when Globe Telecom invited us bloggers for a round table discussion to share their latest updates on network modernization all over the country especially in key areas in Mindanao last November 22 at the Royal Mandaya Hotel, I wasn’t surprised  but somehow felt excited because after all this is the ideal direction we would want for our local telecommunication industry to have. We now […]

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Free WordPress Set up for Davao Bloggers From Fifty Shades of Jay!

Every blogger dreams of  upgrading his/her blog to become a self hosted one. I have been, too, until I met a great group of bloggers recently. They were the ones who inspired me to take my blog to the next  level.  For weeks I’ve been delaying the big move, until Jay of  Fifty Shades of Jay poked my Facebook inbox offering free service to help me with my blog. Whoa! Who couldn’t resist such a friendly offer? So off  to and I went to buy my own domain and hosting for a year. This is it, yeah. After hours of valuable assistance  from Jay(or was it bugging to the max?) in transferring my existing WordPress account to my newly set up blog, my new domain is finally up!  Although, I am still currently exploring to spice it up with widgets and stuff, I can’t thank him enough for […]

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Blog Weekend Bootcamp: A Homecoming of Sorts

In the past months, I have always seen Davao Bloggers’ activities in my FB newsfeed and there is this constant wish of mine to be part of the group. However, I noticed most of the bloggers I see in the event photos are younger than me, and geez, I might feel way out of their league so I just kept on lurking. Good thing, one of the officers/organizers, Karla, informed me about the Blogger Weekend Bootcamp (held on Sept 21-23, 2012) and reassured me that there are also mommies like me who actively blog and are frequent attendees in local blogger events. See, I started writing since highschool and that’s like ages ago. And for the past few years, my job online has been focused on editing articles, SEO (search engine optimization) building, customer support, and the like. Although I have a personal blog here and I had another one […]

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The Internet: Adding Pizzaz for A More Colorful World

Indeed, the internet has paved the way for the unthinkable. No one in our forefathers must have imagined that life would be as fast-paced and dynamic as the kind we are having today in this age of computers and world wide web a.k.a the internet. Everything under the sun seems to be possible with a few clicks of a mouse , keyboard or even a few buttons of a smartphone. Creative juices abound and are free to flow for improved lifestyle and better human structures. Most of these lead to progress, while others merely see this as forms of expression. Thinking about it, I can see a lot of promising things coming. There is pressure, I know, but I’d rather be excited than feel scary. I am so looking for what the future of technology brings. I can’t wait. (For a more vivid presentation of how internet has changed the […]

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My Hodgy Podgy Self (Part1)

Yesterday during  one of my so-called idle FB moments, I took a personality quiz similar to the one posted by a friend.  It was quite amusing to know what the result told me about myself. Dig this, it says, I am the pleasant kind of person who exudes an aura that makes another person happy. Sheesh. This is not to say that all those crazy quizzes and stuff  are always true, but, yeah, that is partly correct (**wink**blush**) I’d always  think that I am a positive person and easy to please and get along with, but the thought led me to think about the other things people may not know about me. In Facebook, prolly all they could see is my outgoing self, just looking at my pictures with friends, family and the ones taken during my travels and stuff.  Some may think, too, that I am just wasting time […]

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