Globe Prepaid’s GoSAKTO Create Your Own Promo

GoSAKTO lets you create your very own promo for your Globe Prepaid account

The current competition between local telecom companies to catch attention from their subscribers has become stiff, that it often leaves me confused in differentiating the promotions they offer each time. Unlimited text messaging, unlimited calls, unlimited browsing, all day in Facebook, Twitter or what have you. How many texts was that again and for how many days? And what about texts and calls for other networks?? Good luck to my memory. And please, don’t ask me the text codes to send and the corresponding numbers to send these codes to. I am THAT bad in memorizing them.

Chances are, it is not just me who has this kind of dilemma. Good thing, Globe Prepaid has introduced a unique way of allowing us subscribers to create our own prepaid promo called GoSAKTO Create Your Own Promo. With this, Globe prepaid subscribers will now have the freedom to choose and create a combination of their desired number of text messages (for Globe/TM and other networks), minutes of calls, and internet usage. Plus, we get to decide how long our promo is going to last and how much it costs.

Here are three simple steps to create your own GoSakto promos:

1. With your mobile phone, just dial *143#, and follow the instructions as prompted on your phone.
2. Check out Globe’s website at
3. You may share the promo you created to friends on Facebook using the GoSakto app page.

A GoSAKTO tip: Do not forget to register a name of your promo, share it to your Facebook friends so they can register with the promo you have made. Neat, right?

Here’s Gerald Anderson to explain it further 😉


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  1. jenn says:

    that’s some cool information there. when i aws still in PI, ive always used GLobe. just the best cell provider in the PI.

  2. Algene says:

    I will try this new promo soon Ate! Libre lang kasi load ko sa Globe lately 😀

  3. That’s one thing I miss back there, the prepaid card. The commercial is very entertaining.

  4. kulasa says:

    that is cool! great for those trying to save on load 🙂 hmmmm I hope the other networks get to have such awesome promo too! thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. maybe i could try this promo, although i rarely use my globe number.

  6. Lainy says:

    I personally believe that the overwhelming influx of mobile networks’ promotions doesn’t do good. It does affect the quality of services of networks. All these unlimited thingy sounds nice but we can’t sacrifice quality out of it. Anyways, Globe is really good when it comes to international promos. I have truly benefited from ITX for so long and only Globe had that kind of service. So I am all hats off to them!

  7. Globe has totally lost my confidence in them. From failing to go roaming to charging unbelievable charges to failing to reverse them until after six months. We had postpaid lines for more than 10 years and I decided to terminate them altogether. Smart is the better evil, if you ask me. All of them telcos have some problems here and there.

  8. riz says:

    i’m a globe user user for a few years na, but, haven’t join any of their promotion. i simply ignore whatever alerts they send to me. i get impatient texting and sending the codes needed for me to register.
    but, this promo looks interesting. will check this out. thanks for sharing.

  9. Cheerful says:

    wow, that’s sounds cool…at least you can control what’s really suited for you! they always have bright ideas…are you going to try it?

  10. Rovie says:

    wow, this ho sakto create your plan looks very promising as it seems to offer everything that caters to the subscribers need.

  11. MC says:

    I’m using this already! 🙂 Globe is really working their way to a better performance for the consumers! Good for them!