Globe Prepaid’s GoSAKTO Create Your Own Promo

The current competition between local telecom companies to catch attention from their subscribers has become stiff, that it often leaves me confused in differentiating the promotions they offer each time. Unlimited text messaging, unlimited calls, unlimited browsing, all day in Facebook, Twitter or what have you. How many texts was that again and for how many days? And what about texts and calls for other networks?? Good luck to my memory. And please, don’t ask me the text codes to send and the corresponding numbers to send these codes to. I am THAT bad in memorizing them. Chances are, it is not just me who has this kind of dilemma. Good thing, Globe Prepaid has introduced a unique way of allowing us subscribers to create our own prepaid promo called GoSAKTO Create Your Own Promo. With this, Globe prepaid subscribers will now have the freedom to choose and create a […]

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