I Just Love Blog Giveaways !!!

Ketchupthelatest's awesome giveaways from Kikay Corner

my awesome giveaways from www.KikayCorner.net

Everybody loves freebies. Free taste, free wi-fi, free whatever. And since I am currently enjoying my blogger mode, I came to know the world of blogger’s giveaways! And mind you, they are aplenty. You’re only investment is time and your best judgement if that particular giveaway is something you like or worth your time.

Okay so, a few months ago, I was invited to join a Facebook group of warm and accommodating Filipino bloggers here and abroad, Filipino Bloggers Forum. There I met the pros (they really are!), joined their blog hopping and blog commenting activities. I specially liked the idea of being part of the blogging community and learning from my co-bloggers.They are truly a source of inspiration for a new blogger like me.

Anyways, as I blog hopped, I stumbled upon Kikay Corner and her blog about her giveaway last October. Any girl, specifically a stressed mother-online worker-homemaker, would of course fancy a FREE trip to the spa for a relaxing body massage plus a luxurious diamond peel treatment. Simply irresistible, isn’t it? I willingly joined her giveaway which was actually simple: just a sincere comment on that blog post!

Days went on, the “contest” slipped off my mind due to the usual hustles and bustles at home. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, I got an email asking me for my shipping address, because I just won the giveaways and she’s sending me the gift certificates (GCS)!! It was a happy day indeed.

By the way I got 2 food GCs for Sumo Sam and Stackers (since the ones for massage and diamond peel at the spa have expiration dates and there would be no way I’d be in Manila on the first week of November) plus a bottle of Panoxyl. Not bad still, right? In fact I’m so excited coz ill be using it with a good friend later this month.

Are you feeling inspired already? Start blog hopping now and scout for worthy giveaways you would like to participate in. – Louiseinthehouse

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  1. jennyL says:

    I love freebies too and those freebies offered by a lot of bloggers are just awesome!

  2. Lainy says:

    YAY! Congrats for winning at Sis Jen’s giveaway. I should have joined too so that I get some blogging inspiration just like you do 😉

  3. Marie says:

    Awww. Congrats po and it’s great to know you love us in FBF!

    Everyone indeed love freebies!

  4. ems says:

    Congratulations, Anna Liza. I’m sure your spa experience with your friend will be a wonderful experience. I’m hoping too that someday I’ll win just like you. 🙂

  5. papaleng says:

    I am tempted to try this bloggers’ giveaways. Minsan lang naiisip ko pang girlalu lang. LOL

  6. cheerful says:

    same here, i am thankful with FBF, my page is doing better now than before…:) and like you, i love freebies…and i am joining some giveaway, too! although sometimes location stop me from joining! anyway, i won twice so far, a book from mod podge rocks and $25 GC from Amazon from FBF’s member Marie. 🙂 goodluck to us and hope your friend will enjoy your price! lucky her.

  7. Aggie says:

    Good for you! Congratulations! We love Sumo Sam!

  8. I never have time to join in any giveaways yet, but I am start looking this new trends in blogosphere.

  9. gracia says:

    congrats!!! free is good, I love freebies

  10. Nova says:

    blog giveaways are so much fun, you can get something for free just by participating those blogs who had giveaways, which i did find many who had been doing…congratz

  11. Josie says:

    congrats sis, join more with bigger prizes like gadgets and cash, we have lots today!!!

  12. baterya says:

    tagal ko na sumasali sa mga online contest wala pa ko napapalalunan hahahhaa.. well i guest we really need tyaga.. sabi nga nila pag may tyaga may nilaga hahahah

  13. Algene says:

    I so love blog giveaways and freebies! Before, sumasali ako sa giveaways. Ngayon, I host na 🙂 In fairness din naman sa FBW, super enjoy din ako sa group. Though minsan di ako nakakareply kaagad. Hihi