I Just Love Blog Giveaways !!!

Everybody loves freebies. Free taste, free wi-fi, free whatever. And since I am currently enjoying my blogger mode, I came to know the world of blogger’s giveaways! And mind you, they are aplenty. You’re only investment is time and your best judgement if that particular giveaway is something you like or worth your time. Okay so, a few months ago, I was invited to join a Facebook group of warm and accommodating Filipino bloggers here and abroad, Filipino Bloggers Forum. There I met the pros (they really are!), joined their blog hopping and blog commenting activities. I specially liked the idea of being part of the blogging community and learning from my co-bloggers.They are truly a source of inspiration for a new blogger like me. Anyways, as I blog hopped, I stumbled upon Kikay Corner and her blog about her giveaway last October. Any girl, specifically a stressed mother-online worker-homemaker, […]

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