5 Reasons to Love “I LOVE YOU, HATER”

  JoshLia, one of today’s most popular love teams, is back on television, this time with Kris Aquino, to bring lessons on love and family to SKY Pay-Per-View viewers with the airing of “I Love You Hater” until November 9. Ambitious Zoey (Julia) will do everything to land the job of executive assistant to Sasha (Kris), who is out to build a digital empire. But for her to get the position, she will have to compete with Joko (Joshua), a teenager desperate to provide for his family, who arrives at a solution by pretending to be gay to have a chance to be Sasha’s assistant. If you have not seen the movie yet, find out why people have talked about it with so much fondness, and these are some of the reasons: Joshua takes on an offbeat role Joshua takes on almost two roles here—as Joko, the straight guy in dire […]

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