NIDO Advanced Protectus 3+ 1

NIDO Advanced Protectus 3+, Love that Protects

Do you know that moms and dads are wired to keep a watchful eye over their children, making sure they are healthy and safe? Kids, on the other hand, would always want to go out, explore, and play with their friends. A child’s desire to explore out of arm’s reach usually sparks a semblance of fear in parents, prompting them to become restrictive of their little one’s day-to-day activities at times. The reality is parents cannot be with their kids 24/7. There are times when they simply need to be away from their children to fulfill other responsibilities, like going to work and attending to household chores. The new NIDO® ADVANCED PROTECTUS® 3+ helps give them the confidence to do so, without having to worry about their little ones. Loving protection like no other It has Lactobacillus PROTECTUS®, with the probiotic strain L. Rhamnosus, which not only helps protect children’s tummies […]

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Sun Life Moms' Day Out

A Mom’s Day Out With Sun Life

Mothers, titas (aunties) and moms-to-be had a fantastic Saturday last week here in Davao City, thanks to Sun Life Financial Philippines.  It was a day of self-care, pampering, and laughter at Park Inn by Radisson Davao which was attended by about a hundred participants. Who would say no to a relaxing back massage? I just loved it. And that’s not it, there were also lots of raffles and giveaways that made the event more fun and exciting. To top it all off, we were all able listen to inspiring talks on Balanced Motherhood and Money Management. Had so much learning and realization from them . Thank you Ms. Michelle Alignay for being a witty speaker.  No dull moment as she shared her own experiences as a wife and mom which were so interestingly relatable. It felt good to be connected with other moms having same concerns and experiences like mine. I really wish there’d be more days […]

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Alaska Mazing talent

The Search for Alaska-mazing Mom 2016 Goes To Davao

As a mother, it  warms the heart knowing that a multinational company such as Alaska goes out of its way to honor moms who have made a mark in their respective household and communities. For me, all mothers deserve a pat in the back for being there for their families and loved ones every single day, almost not having a day off. Truth be told, a mother’s love is irreplaceable. In Since 2003, Alaska has been giving due recognition to mothers all over the country through its brainchild, the search for Ginang Alaska.  Most will think that Ginang Alaska is just usual pageant search for women vying for crown and title. It has become more than because it opened it doors of opportunities for these mothers, empowering them and making their lives better. More than that, it gave them self esteem and fulfilment knowing that have achieved something despite their […]

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Philam Family Talk led by Maribel Dionisio (co-founder of Love Institute) with her son David

Philam Life’ s Nationwide Family Talk School Tour

  Financial planning is not only for the businessmen and the rich, it is also for the average Filipino breadwinner who works hard to make ends meet and reach the family’s dreams. In line with its mission of empowering Filipinos to achieve financial security and prosperity, Philam Life, the country’s premier life insurance provider, seeks to debunk the Filipino’s deflection towards financial planning through a financial literacy campaign that involves a nationwide school tour, dubbed “Family talk”. In partnership with Love Institute- a pioneering company in the Philippines that promotes good family relationships, the school tour teaches parents about responsible parenting and financial planning, urging them to think seriously about how they raise their children and what steps they are taking to secure their family’s future. Parenting consultant and Love Institute co-founder Maribel Dionisio talks about the ABCs of parenting which include Attention-Giving, Building Self- Worth, Communicating regularly and Disciplining […]

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The Jollitown mascots

The Jollitown Kids Show: Back for the 6th Season!

For moms and dads whose little tots love the world’s most famous bee, Jollibee and his friends, here’s something to put smiles on their faces, the comeback of the Jollitown Kids Show! It’s now on their 6th season and it is definitely worth the wait. So, what ‘s new with Jollitown Season 6? It is now live  and interactive as Jollibee Kids Club  members  get the chance to be part of the live audience. Kids learn while having fun as  each episode teaches cherished Filipino values- from teamwork, friendship, and generosity to staying healthy and caring for the environment. Storytelling, song, and dance performances plus new, fun and educational segments such as the Jollibee Kids Club Corner. What’s more, there will be surprise guests weekly for added excitement. So kiddos, don’t miss an episode and join Jollibee and friends as they learn and play! Watch out for the season premiere […]

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Bravehearts: Stronger together for cervical cancer prevention

Fight Cervical Cancer, Visit Your OB for Vaccine!

The Big C is so dreaded, and it’s very apparent that no one wants to put himself to the ‘dead end’ and be diagnosed with it.  Everytime I see someone, either a relative, friend, acquaintance or even a stranger suffering with cancer, the thought about life being so short and that it can easily be taken away from us at a snap of a finger bothers me. My heart goes out to them who have suffered and died from this dreaded disease, but sometimes it leaves me helpless as well, knowing that at most times, cancers are incurable. It brings the fear that I ,too or any of my family members might have it. I am afraid but admittedly, I feel I haven’t really taken a concrete action to prevent it and know more about it as well. Yes, I am trying hard to have a healthy lifestyle but it […]

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Mommapalooza Celebrating Our Supermoms

Mommapalooza Davao 2013: Moms Get Special Treats on Mother’s Day

Mothers, be there when it happens! Mommies. Mothers. Moms. Mama. Inay. If you are one and if you’re here in Davao City on May 12, leave your worries and concerns behind for a day and take an exciting break with the rest of the supermoms to attend MOMMAPALOOZA at Fuente de Villa Abrille Clubhouse  located at Matina, Davao City. (along Tulip Drive near Buffet Palace restaurant) A lot of fun and exciting activities for mothers are in store for this whole-day event, a first of its kind in the Philippines. The Color Run  is the highlight of this action-packed day. It is a mom and child tandem to run 300 and 600 meters within the event site. Check out the guide below for the mechanics. There will also be a number of booths of food and goodies for everyone in the family to enjoy. Moms will be treated like queens as there will […]

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Rotavirus Vaccine for Children’s Diarrhea: The Great Equalizer

Rotavirus  is the known to be the primary cause of diarrhea globally and rotavirus diarrhea is the third leading disease to cause death in children worldwide. It is inevitable even in first world countries, which makes it all the more alarming most especially to countries having less resources to fight the dreaded disease. Luckily for the Filipino people whose administration’s aim is to significantly reduce infant mortality rate through rotavirus vaccination. In fact, the Philippines is the first Southeast Asian country to provide it for free through its national immunization programs. It is given in two (2) doses for infants, 0-6 months old. To start educating the grass roots level, the Department of Health in Region XI (Philippines), specifically in Davao City  in coordination with ROTAPhil and some healthcare providers, sponsored a media briefing in Cafe Laguna @ the Abreeza Mall of Davao City last October.  The main speaker was Dr. Juliet Sio-Aguilar, a […]

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I Just Love Blog Giveaways !!!

Everybody loves freebies. Free taste, free wi-fi, free whatever. And since I am currently enjoying my blogger mode, I came to know the world of blogger’s giveaways! And mind you, they are aplenty. You’re only investment is time and your best judgement if that particular giveaway is something you like or worth your time. Okay so, a few months ago, I was invited to join a Facebook group of warm and accommodating Filipino bloggers here and abroad, Filipino Bloggers Forum. There I met the pros (they really are!), joined their blog hopping and blog commenting activities. I specially liked the idea of being part of the blogging community and learning from my co-bloggers.They are truly a source of inspiration for a new blogger like me. Anyways, as I blog hopped, I stumbled upon Kikay Corner and her blog about her giveaway last October. Any girl, specifically a stressed mother-online worker-homemaker, […]

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PAGSIBOL: Cosplay Event and More

I had a very busy schedule last two weeks ago, aside from the blogger events I attended to, my kids also had their respective school activities that were not to be missed. This made me activate my mommy multi-tasking mode again and so I was on the go and had to be there for my son Gabby for his first ever Cosplay event. Cosplay  which  is coined from the words,  ‘costume play’, is a kind of performance arts on stage where participants accessorize and wear costumes, and  represent a certain character (mostly Anime or Japanese cartoon characters). Take note, I didn’t urge him to join, I was just surprised when weeks before the show, he handed me a letter of consent form for me to sign.  It was a pleasant surprise since he never showed any interest before in going on stage, and in the mall at that, and wearing a costume, […]

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